If we win, you fill up 100 liters and you get BGN 100 back at the gas station (Video)

Complete standstill for two years, said the GERB leader

We can fix what’s broken, but I don’t know how I fix something so broken, he explained

Complete standstill for two years. Sandov, Kircho and Asencho are guilty. If it were me, I’d rip off all of their ears. This was stated by the leader of GERB Boyko Borisov in Blagoevgrad. There is only one person in Bulgaria who is worthy to appear anywhere and fill an entire hall. This is Mr. Boyko Borisov, GERB said today.

I apologize that there are distressed places, and we are dealing with party matters, he began his address to those present. However, we have sent young people to help there. Blagoevgrad is a big pain for me. There is nothing we haven’t done here – squares, universities, swimming pools. It is typical of this town that there are many chiefs and few Indians. With so many things done, they hated us, why?

I came to a party meeting, not to meet the community. These are the last elections in which you have to understand each other – will you work together? Borisov asks.

Since I paid for repairs, nothing has changed here. Tighten up and work, the GERB leader ordered.

Anyway, there are people, let’s respect them. The asset should do its best for hundreds of facilities. Bridges, tunnels don’t work, they don’t want to let them go. That would have been done, we would have entered Kresna and built.

They also stole my name, this is the first GERB poster, Borisov showed a poster showing the party’s 2009 slogan “General change”.

On the second, if we win, we put a duty of one lev on fuel. You fill up 100 liters at any gas station and they give you back one hundred BGN. 2.20 will be the price of diesel. And you see – Kircho left and the price of fuel fell. The price of diesel, gasoline and methane is directly from your pockets, said Borisov.

He showed a sheet through which he showed how the previous rulers had “poked in the pockets” of the people. 28% of your pockets go to Gazprom. One day this will be the result of an investigation, explained Borisov. Your money is in good hands.

2020 or 2021, did the pipes for Greece come? Why they didn’t build the Greek connection – I don’t know, but they lied again.

Food prices, what to promote them, women shop every day. Here are the prices, we produce everything, but you see them, explained Borisov. Kozloduy NPP provides electricity for BGN 45, they sell it for BGN 1,500. Loans, loans, they think you are so simple, they think that Bulgarians cannot think. Every week they withdrew 500 million. Then we say – we have a surplus. They don’t pay hospitals, municipalities, they detain them. Dyankov used to do that once when I caught him, but apparently it’s some overseas trick that I’m quickly learning, the leader added.

We can fix what’s broken, but I don’t know how something so broken can be fixed, Borisov said. After Oresharsky it was broken, but at least I knew how to fix it.

We will build, 2% inflation, not 50%, promised Borisov. The change has thrown us into a major disaster. One of the best holidays is tomorrow – the Unification, the people must unite, he urged.

A little common sense, don’t go to war and confrontation, Borisov addressed those present. According to him, there are Stalinist methods – there is no man, there is no problem regarding his arrest. The people here are meek, they are not squeamish, Borisov further explained.

We are the ones who beat for the third time in Blagoevgrad, we will do it for the fourth, explained GERB.

Again there is an accident in the Kresnen gorge, half of the people could not come now because of it. That’s why some of the people on the list aren’t here yet.

We have set out for the fourth time in a row to win the elections in Blagoevgrad.

For so many elections in the last year, we have been waiting for you to come and inspire us, here it is. Last year we didn’t feel well, we were guiltless, people didn’t want us to look them in the eye, Rosen Zhelyazkov turned to Boyko Borisov.

This election will be a different election. We used to talk about changing the model, people lied to themselves that something better, fairer, more prosperous would come, but what did we get?

Inflation, melting incomes, uncertainty, no one is talking about changing the model anymore, but about changing the shift, Zhelyazkov added. You remember how our opponents entered the race, do you notice how they behave now – they speak rashly, passionately, now they are radicals. That’s what they’re told, they’re talking about three points. “Continuing the change” candidates talk until they shake how much they have raised pensions, he said.

This fulcrum is false, it is a lie. But this administration came to impose its mantras, arrested our leader and our friends, not for wrongdoing but to intimidate. They can do that.

This situation they have brought her to is eloquent, with the hope that we will stop the trend of deteriorating the quality of life. We will raise topics such as judicial reform. The most important thing is to get out of the spiral, not to allow political concern.

Only with the leadership of Mr. Borisov will we cope, Zhelyazkov said.

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