Only in “24 hours” on September 6

Only in “24 hours” on September 6, read:

The party which reassure people about prices, will win the electioninterview with the political scientist from “Trend” Dimitar Ganev after the latest sociological survey of the research center

The Hell of Flying a Plane in 2022 – only for summer – with 60% complaints for canceled flights and lost luggage

Party doubles who divert votes from originals to copies – which are the parties that over the years deprived the winners of a full majority because of the similar names

fashion in tiktok – children ingest Dragon’s Breath candies cooled to -195 degrees

More expensive fuels and cigarettes may fill the budget, so that others do not raise taxes

See the front pages of “24 Chasa” from September 6 through the years until today. The headlines are interesting – remember what Bulgaria was going through. And stories that explain why we are where we are.

The article is in bulgaria


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