I feel a responsibility towards Plovdiv. The previous government was the most social since the start of the Transition

I feel a responsibility towards Plovdiv. The previous government was the most social since the start of the Transition
I feel a responsibility towards Plovdiv. The previous government was the most social since the start of the Transition

We present you an interview with Christian Vigenin for Plovdiv24.bg. He is the leader of the list of coalition “BSP for Bulgaria” for 16 MIR Plovdiv-city

Christian Vigenin is the leader of the list of coalition “BSP for Bulgaria” for the 16th MIR Plovdiv – city for the second time. He was born on June 12, 1975 in Sofia, graduated in “International Relations” and “Macroeconomics”. Deputy Chairman of the National council of the BSP, member of the PES Presidium. Member of Parliament and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly in several Bulgarian parliaments. Member of the European Parliament 2007-2013, Minister of Foreign Affairs 2013-2014.

“The difference between the elections now and the previous time is in two aspects – one is that now we appear as a party that participated in the government, and the second – that in BSP – Plovdiv, reforms were carried out and there is a new leadership. In the months of the 47 National Assembly we worked very closely with the representative of the BSP from Plovdiv, Ivan Petkov, and, as I promised, I was the 12th representative of Plovdiv, regardless of the fact that I entered the National Assembly from another constituency. All the time I felt the responsibility towards the people who supported our list, I felt engaged with Plovdiv and on every one of the issues that were important for Plovdiv. I worked very closely with Ivan Petkov, who is again second on the list. We are continuing the teamwork in the campaign.” This is what he said in the interview for Plovdiv24.bg the leader of the socialist party Christian Vigenin.

He admits that the past months have been difficult because when you are in the management of the country you have responsibility and you have to show results. “We enter this campaign with self-confidence, because we have fulfilled many of the commitments we made to the voters – some completely, others partially. People come who say, ‘Well done, you were the only ones who kept your word and what you promised – you fought for him,” he pointed out.

He believes that the BSP representatives in the cabinet were the best at planning their activities, explaining to people and achieving results.

“We are proud of what has been achieved in the social sphere. This was perhaps the most social government since the beginning of the Transition. An unprecedented amount of funds for social activities were planned and implemented. Some of the things were elements of our election platform for a long time, but we failed to implement, because we were in the opposition and now in the government we managed to impose these social priorities. I see that our partners, in their election campaign posters, use exactly those things that we imposed in the government’s policy in the coalition agreement. For example – free children’s gardens, which was a long-standing ambition of the BSP, which we realized now in this administration,” said Vigenin.

Among the achievements, the leader of sheet #28 in Plovdiv-city singles out the increase in pensions, which in less than one year is more than in the ten years of management of GERB. Significantly more funds were earmarked for the disabled, for social assistants, for maternity leave for the second year equal to the minimum wage and a number of other things that give the socialists the self-confidence that they have made the strongest impression on the activities of this government and make them ambitious to do even more.

Vigenin noted that for the first 6 months of 2022 there is a very strong growth in exports and for the first time Bulgaria has a positive trade balance and exports more than it imports from the EU, which means that Bulgarian production is competitive and has markets and finally the Bulgarian economy can export to developed economies more than it imports from them, which has never been the case in these 30 years. In industrial production, a serious growth has also been realized, and in some months Bulgaria is in first place in terms of growth in the EU.

“These examples show that the thesis that there is almost some chaos left by our government is not true. It is not true that we have only been spending because the government has left a surplus of 1.5 billion and it will continue to grow in the coming months. For the first 6 months, Bulgaria had a growth of the Gross Domestic Product of 5 percent, which is significantly more than the forecasts at the beginning of the year. These are the facts, and when the facts speak – the gods are silent. The facts are that we had a relatively successful administration. Of course we can do more, and that’s why we rely on support that will give us a chance to continue the good we’ve started,” said Christian Vigenin.

For BSP, the main priority is to ensure that Bulgarian citizens will not stand in the cold and in the dark, that people will be able to face the winter calmly and that businesses will be able to operate normally.

“There are parties that like to scare people. They want to create fear and on the basis of this fear gain popularity. Conversely, we as a party that plans things well, that has an understanding of the problems, has answers to the questions, we want to reassure the Bulgarian citizens and tell them: “Don’t worry, there is a way to deal with these challenges, things will happen in the best possible way,” commented Vigenin.

The BSP’s program for getting out of the economic crisis contains a number of measures to help people and businesses. One of them is the imposition of a moratorium on the prices of electricity, heat and natural gas for domestic consumers for the winter months. For businesses operating with natural gas, it is planned to introduce a ceiling price above which the state will pay compensation.

“If the BSP is in power, the state will play its role and will not allow shock price increases and people’s worries during the winter period. These are urgent measures and in parallel with them, actions will be taken to ensure that there will be natural gas and sustainable supplies at the best possible price. This means not excluding supplies from Gazprom. If “Gazprom” can guarantee supplies at lower prices, I think that we should put the interests of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian citizens first.

Let me remind you that the BSP was the party that voted against the introduction of sanctions, because this sanctions policy does not lead to a political result, the effect is close to zero, the citizens suffer. The European Commission has created a mechanism by which European countries can make payments to the Russian side, to Gazprom, in a way that does not violate European sanctions.

It is important for us to guarantee that this contract, which we have already signed with “Gazprom”, will be fulfilled – they will make the deliveries, we will pay according to the mechanism approved by the EC. We want the caretaker government to enter into adequate talks with “Gazprom “. The next government will think about the next long-term contract. It is very important that the priority in the policy of the government, whatever it is, should be the interests of the citizens and the state. After that, we can think about more global issues,” commented Christian Vigenin.

Watch the entire interview with the leader of the “BSP for Bulgaria” coalition list for 16 MIR Plovdiv-city Christian Vigenin in the attached video.

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