The sand city is open until the end of September

The sand city is open until the end of September
The sand city is open until the end of September

Poor man’s summer with cinema and travels

They named a new culinary temptation on the island – “paella” St. Anastasiya”

Japanese cinema with free admission

The Burgas summer continues. By the end of September, temperatures are expected to be warm and local, and guests of the city will enjoy the “poor summer” not only with beaches and walks along the coast, but also with a lot of entertainment. For example, one of the favorite summer attractions – Sand City will be open until the end of the month. The working hours of the festival have been changed – it will close for visitors an hour earlier than before – at 8 p.m. This year’s edition offers three-dimensional images of prehistoric animals. The most are the dinosaurs, including the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, but there are also mammoths, giant tortoises and other interesting animals in front of which visitors can take a photo as a souvenir.

The movie marathon in Burgas also continues with three new Japanese titles. From September 12 (Monday) to September 14 (Wednesday) fans of the seventh art will be able to immerse themselves in the intriguing world of Japanese cinema. The initiative is implemented by the Municipality of Burgas, with the partnership of the Embassy of Japan in Bulgaria and the support of the Japan Foundation. The screenings will be broadcast from 7:00 p.m. in the “Petya Dubarova” hall of the “Morsko Casino” CC, with free admission.

Thematic weekends await tourists, the new exposition at the ancient settlement “Akve Kalide” in the “Vetren” quarter is ready, and the catamaran “Burgus” continues its courses to the island of St. Anastasia. For now, the ambitions of the team managing the island are to continue until late autumn and even until the beginning of winter.

From this summer, a new culinary temptation is available on the island – paella with seafood. Initially, it was called “the chef’s paella”, but later it was decided to bear the name of the island – St. Anastasia. The specialty was also prepared by the mayor of Burgas – Dimitar Nikolov, assisted by the governor of the island – Pavlin Dimitrov.

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