Applause for Burgas poetry at an international festival in Serbia

Poets, writers, literary critics, musicians from all over the world took part in the 6th edition of the prestigious literary festival “Indzia Pro Poet”. The literary forum was held from September 8 to 13 in Serbia. In it, Bulgaria was represented by Burgas poet Nataliya Nedyalkova. In the previous editions of “Indzia Pro Poet”, the poets Roza Boyanova and Elka Stoyanova adequately presented the Burgas literary school.

Once again Burgas poetry won applause and admiration.

The start of the festival, which pleasantly impressed with its perfect organization and the hospitality of the hosts, was given with a literary reading on the summer stage of the “House of Vojnovich” cultural center in the picturesque town of Indzhia. The festival was held under the patronage of the Municipality of Indzhia, and the organizers are the association “Moi Srem” from Krchedin, the Cultural Center Indzhia and the library “Gorje Natošević” with the support of the publishing houses “Arte” and “Knizhevni Esnaf” from Belgrade. The director of the festival is the famous Serbian artist and public figure Miodrag Jaksic. Some time ago, Miodrag Jaksic was a participant in the Burgas literary festival “May meetings of the Slavic writers “Holy Word” and told the participants of the festival about his wonderful impressions of Burgas and the Burgas writer community.

In this year’s edition of the festival, iconic artists from Serbia, North Macedonia, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Russia, Canada, USA and India participated. Along with Indžija, the readings also took place in one of the iconic cultural centers in Belgrade – the house-museum of the famous Serbian poet and artist Džura Jakšić, and also on the stage of the picturesque Celtic settlement – ​​one of the major tourist attractions in Serbia. The literati also visited several schools where they spoke about poetry and fiction with students.

The works of the participants in the 6th edition of “Indzia Pro Poet” in their native language and translated into English and Serbian are included in an almanac, which was issued on the eve of the festival and presented during the literary readings. The festival was widely covered both by the media in Serbia and beyond its borders. During the festival events, a number of joint projects between the Burgas Writers’ Community and related creative organizations in the countries participating in “Indzia Pro Poet” were discussed.

The forum once again showed that there are no boundaries for the poetic Word and that, in addition to their native languages, artists also communicate in a wonderful language – the language of universal human values.

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