Which roads are for repair?

Citizens will once again be able to make suggestions as to which roads should be included in the investment program of the Road Infrastructure Agency (API) for 2023 for current and major repairs, writes Mediapool.

The deadline for submission of proposals is October 15, the road agency announced.

At the beginning of February, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works reported that in just two weeks, people submitted 480 proposals for the repair of roads in the country to the road agency.

Currently, API is developing a procedure for prioritizing the activities performed on the republican road network with funds from the state budget. The aim is to improve the planning process for the design, construction and maintenance of the road network for each calendar year.

Citizens can send proposals and signals, including photos and video materials, through a form for submitting proposals for roads in need of repair work, to the email address: [email protected] The form for submitting proposals is published on the website of API, in the section “Proposals and signals” – form.

The proposals will be reviewed by a standing committee at the API, which will prioritize the final lists of roads for repair in 2023.

In February, of the citizens’ proposals for road repairs, 214 of the signals were for sections of the republican road network in bad condition, 96 – for municipal roads, the maintenance of which is not within the authority of the API. 170 road signals were repeated.

The majority of citizens’ proposals – more than 140 – were for road sections provided for in the prepared project for the repair program of the API until 2025, the MRRD indicated in February and added that more than 60 of them were planned for repair already in this year.

At a working meeting with the management of the road agency on January 13 of this year, the former minister of regional development and public works Grozdan Karadjov announced the beginning of a 4-year program for qualitative improvement of the state of the republican network, and people had the opportunity to send their suggestions and signals within 14 days.

In February, MRRD also assured that the received signals are being examined in detail by the experts in the road agency in order to assess which of the sections proposed for repair can be included in the program in 2022 and reminded that 3,100 km of the republican roads are set in the new repair program this year alone.

Most of the citizens’ proposals in February were for the repair of republican roads in the Sofia region – 24, in the regions of Plovdiv – 23, Burgas – 18, Dobrich – 17.

One signal was received for Blagoevgrad, Kyustendil, Silistra and Sliven districts.

For the regions of Pernik and Kardzhali, 2 sections have been proposed, and in the region of Shumen – 3.

About two-thirds of the citizens’ proposals – 141 – were for the repair of third-class roads. 42 of the signals were for the improvement of the second-class road network, and the remaining 31 proposals – for the renovation of first-class routes and two sections of the “Hemus” highway in the Sofia and Varna regions.

At this moment, API has not submitted a report on which roads they have repaired this year. The fact is that there are still started but unfinished repairs from 2020, such as the section of the road between the villages of Konyavo – Gorna Grashtitsa – Tavalichevo – Gorna Koznitsa in Kyustendil district. The repairs must be completed by September 30, when the contracts with the road maintenance companies expire.

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