They failed the video for Magda’s new duet

They failed the video for Magda’s new duet
They failed the video for Magda’s new duet

Magda complained on social networks that she stopped the release of a video for her duet single with the young singer Sandra.

Popfolk talked about the failed clip, stating categorically that he will not compromise on the quality of the projects he presents to the public.

“Unfortunately, my duet piece will not be a fact. I’m sorry for making you wait so long,” she wrote on her personal profile on the network.

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The singer did not want to make any more compromises with the quality of the projects she released, and the new video did not meet her criteria for good quality at all. It was because of this that the performer made a final decision – to stop the tape.

Magda devoted several months to the duet with Sandra

Magda has been working on the duet piece with the young singer Sandra for several months. The two bet on a fast and rhythmic piece, hoping it would become a hit.

After the tape was shot and edited, she saw the final result, which did not meet her expectations at all. She was uncompromising and adamant that she would not allow the video to be released.

Fans of the star are supporting her decision and are already anticipating the upcoming new single, the work process of which has begun.

“We are working on a new song, which I will present to you as soon as possible. Enjoy the last warm days, I wish you countless smiles,” the hit singer wrote.

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