It is important to have breakfast like a king in the morning! But is it true?

It is important to have breakfast like a king in the morning! But is it true?
It is important to have breakfast like a king in the morning! But is it true?

Fifty – fifty. After childhood, it may make more sense to ensure a balance in the foods of the day

You may have no idea who Adele Davis is, but you’ve heard the American dietitian’s mantra about the most important meal of the day hundreds of times.

Davis is the author of the expression “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”. Since the middle of the last century, nutritionists, mothers and grandmothers have repeated the quote so often that we now accept it as a statement that needs no evidence. Despite some rather dubious statements from today’s point of view, the nutritionist made a great contribution to the recognition of nutrition as an essential factor for health.

Important in the century of world wars,

the mantra for

the obligatory one

it’s breakfast

too much


according to modern science and does not take into account all the factors that influence eating patterns depending on work and social life.

Science provides evidence both in favor of the claim that it is the most important meal of the day, but also the opposite.

Especially with the discovery of

the phenomenon

on fasting –

feeding only in

narrow frames

on certain


of the day. The goal is for the body to trigger processes of rapid energy burning (weakening) and promotion of autophagy – the destruction of diseased and defective cells in the body.

Experts are more unanimous about the importance of breakfast in childhood. Morning nutrition has a role not only for full physical development, but also for good mental fitness. The most cited study in recent years found that students who skip breakfast perform worse on cognitive tests.

At a young and active age, as well as in the later decades of life, it seems that a balanced diet is more important than the obligatory breakfast.

Yes, breakfast gives us the opportunity to fuel our body with nutrients at the start of the business part of life, and yes, it is an important meal. But according to recent studies, it may not be the most important fuel of the day.

Eating breakfast and listening to your hunger cues is very important if you wake up hungry in the morning. However, if you are busy and

miss out

breakfast one

day, no

reason yes

you feel guilty

You are not careless about your health, and even if you usually skip the early meal, if you optimize the intake of nutrients at other meals.

Perhaps it is a myth and the widely shared opinion that those who eat breakfast maintain their weight within the norm more easily.

Something more. A summary of the results of 13 studies in all the rules of science, published in the “British Medical Journal”, purposefully adding breakfast may not be a good strategy for weight loss. And even

we can

nudge towards

overeating and


But there are also many posts with opposite claims.

At the moment, there is no convincing evidence that links the habit of eating breakfast with weight gain.

Almost at the same time that the cited study was done, an American team of scientists came out with the claim that skipping breakfast


with an average of 250

adopted in

calories per day

If this is combined with a selection of a variety of healthy meals and normal portions, it becomes an advantage.

These findings suggest that habits and lifestyle can contribute more to overall health than fanatically following the no-breakfast rule.

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