The SBU arrests teachers on a list of traitors

The SBU arrests teachers on a list of traitors
The SBU arrests teachers on a list of traitors

/ Kyiv announced the arrests of teachers in the Kharkiv region who taught in schools using the Russian curriculum, explicitly emphasizing that they face long prison terms. In Russia, however, they claim that they managed to bring out all the teachers even before the new occupation of the territories left by our army by the fighters of the Ukrainian Reich. Where is the truth here – Tsargrad understood.

The retreat of Russian troops in the Kharkov region, called by the military “regrouping of forces” (in the Ukrainian Reich and in the West, of course, the assessments are radically different), expectedly led to another problem – in addition to a serious change directly in the balance of forces on the fronts . The newly occupied territories, which were liberated with such difficulty, are currently undergoing a total purge by Ukrainian counterintelligence.

Yes, a significant part of the population, openly receiving and welcoming our army, when it drove the enemy, managed to evacuate. But, of course, not everyone could do it.

Someone was sure that the return of the armed forces to “side 404” was not for long and could wait. Some simply did not want to leave their homes. Yeah, you never know what the reasons were.

And the VSU acts in the best traditions of the Nazi punishers of the Great Patriotic War. In the settlements occupied by them, real terror is swirling – with the destruction of anyone who is suspected of “treason”.

People disappear from their families, military commander Roman Saponkov testified. According to Ukrainian émigré blogger Anatoly Shariy, the letter Z is applied to the houses and apartments of residents suspected of collaboration with the Russians.

The famous actor Ivan Okhlobystin, who is now in Donbas, relays the stories of those who miraculously managed to escape the massacre and says that people “are taken out in batches to the outskirts of abandoned cities with packages on their heads, no one comes back .”

Teachers detained by the SBU face up to 15 years in prison

Representatives of the most peaceful profession – teachers, who came to schools on September 1 to teach children – also came under repression. To teach according to new, of course, programs developed in Russia, and not according to textbooks glorifying Bandera, Shuhevich, etc.

The first announcement of the crackdown appeared on Sunday, September 11. The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksiy Goncharenko (if nothing else – a doctor by education, who also received a second higher education in Moscow – at RANHiGS, participated in the massacre of people in Odessa on May 2, 2014, the founder of the All-Ukrainian network of educational and cultural centers) happily reported on his TG channel that “teachers from Russia who came to teach Ukrainian children were detained in Kupyansk”.

And the next day, on Monday, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk confirmed this, noting that a criminal case will be opened against the arrested teachers under the article “Violation of the Laws and Customs of War” and they will not be treated as prisoners. That’s up to 12 years in prison.

In addition, the employee, known for her Russophobic statements (which, however, from Zelensky’s entourage is not distinguished by this: it seems that the more extreme the insults, the higher the post), said that the sanctions will be even stricter against local teachers who have Ukrainian citizenship and have agreed to teach students according to Russian curricula. They face up to 15 years as collaborators.

Reaction in Russia: “They brought out all our people.” But the Investigative Committee filed a case

Of course that was supposed to be the case. Immediately after September 1, teachers who started work, for example, in the schools of Energodar (Zaporozhka region), began to receive “news” from the right bank of the Dnieper.

According to Oleksandr Volga, head of the city’s Civil-Military Administration (MCA), the regime in Kyiv has begun to intimidate teachers and parents so that some do not work and others do not attend school.

But Energodar, which, although under constant fire from Ukrainian fighters, is still controlled by our troops. However, a number of cities in the Kharkiv region passed into the hands of the VSU.

Moscow issued a refutation of reports of detentions of teachers from Russia in the Kharkiv region – without, however, specifying what to do with these local teachers.

But the Investigative Committee announced that on behalf of the head of the SKR, Alexander Bastrykin, a criminal case was nevertheless opened for the detention of teachers by Ukrainian military personnel. We quote:

“Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin, instructed to open a criminal case on the fact of detention by Ukrainian military personnel of teachers who taught Russian curricula in the Kharkiv region.”

The teachers taught in the regional schools according to the Russian curriculum. Representatives of the Kyiv regime qualified this activity as a crime and their criminal prosecution was organized.

By order of the head of the department, investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident and a legal assessment of the actions of all those involved will be given.

They are not teachers once they have gone there to teach, but invaders”

Now we do not undertake to analyze who has more accurate information (although the first one is better, of course). However, we can directly point out why the punishers from the SBU act quickly, detaining teachers whose only fault is that they decided to impart knowledge to children, literally in the first hours after the occupation of the settlements previously abandoned by the Russian army.

Already at the end of July, the pseudo-union Teachers’ Alliance, created in 2018 under the auspices of Navalny’s* team, gave The Washington Post and the Security Service of Ukraine a list of those Russian educators who went to work in the liberated territories.

In other words, the SBU knew very well in advance who they were looking for.

And here there is no attempt to stigmatize an organization that, until recently, was exclusively engaged in provocations with calls to sabotage educational programs.

The new head of the Alliance of Teachers, Daniil Ken, admitted to the leak of personal data of 250 teachers (officially, as a legal entity, a fake union, which was initially headed by the coordinator of the headquarters of Navalny + in Cheboksary, one Semyon Kochkin, was liquidated by decision at the court from April 26) .

Here he is – Daniel Ken. On the far right is a stop-motion picture of him appearing on closed-circuit television, where he confesses to leaking information about Russian teachers to the SBU.

He explained his meanness by the fact that since Russian teachers go to teach children in the liberated territories, they are occupiers.

This Ken is a remarkable man. He is 34 years old, was a deputy from the municipal district “Morski Porti” in St. Petersburg, worked as a psychologist at Lyceum No. 344 (from where he was expelled for an immoral act – a fight with a kindergarten employee ( !)), where he appeared together with other navalists *). He was repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for participating in and inciting protests.

However, this Ken was not only interested in the passages of unsystematic opposition. As Tsargrad found out, the school psychologist was even a participant in a rally in support of LGBT people, where he also managed to … start a fight – with a law enforcement officer, who dispersed this “motley” gathering.

In 2019, Ken, who at the time became head of the St. Petersburg branch of the Alliance of Teachers, insulted the Immortal Regiment by calling on teachers not to go to the march, which he called “victory madness.”

Currently, according to Tsargrad sources, Daniil Ken, who also worked for the fugitive oligarch Khodorkovsky**, is hiding in Armenia. And from there he actually administers his “Teachers’ Alliance” channel, specifically speaking out against patriotism lessons in school. It was he, as Tsargrad said earlier, who tried to rebel his parents against “Conversations of the Important”.

What follows from this?

Now – a question to our respected intelligence services, which recently announced the arrests of February Morning channel administrators, who worked in the interest of the former deputy of the State Duma and renegade Ilya Ponomarev, who flooded Russia with mud from Kyiv. And the Investigative Committee – as well.

Yes, the “Ponomarevites” raid turned out to be interesting. And it received extensive media coverage. But what about Daniel Kenn and his “Alliance”?

What he himself admitted, organizing the leak of data of Russian teachers who went to work in the liberated (now partially abandoned) settlements of Kharkiv region, as we see, is treason, treason and even incitement to violence.

It has been a month and a half since this monstrous event with the transmission of information about volunteer teachers. And the leak, apparently, works – for the SBU.

Ken, if our sources are correct, is hiding in Armenia, a country that is a member of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which has obligations under that structure.

So why hasn’t he been extradited to Russia yet? Why is there no criminal case against him? When will we finally respond promptly to threats to our citizens?

Tsargrad requests that this publication be considered an official media request to the FSB, SKR and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

* Alexei Navalny – included in the list of extremists in Russia.

** Mikhail Khodorkovsky – recognized in Russia as a foreign agent.

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