A TV presenter drove a powerful beast

A TV presenter drove a powerful beast
A TV presenter drove a powerful beast

The popular forecaster and journalist from Nova TV Nikolay Vasilkovski got a powerful beast in the garage. He counted about BGN 70,000 for his new jeep, with which he travels mainly on mountain routes, “Gallery” writes.

“This summer I had the chance to get a higher passable car. I became perhaps a budding fan of off-road driving,” commented the winner of numerous awards, including an award for overall work in the field of environmental protection.

Although it is clear to everyone that Nikolay is driving where it is not against the law, many have raised the question – is it so? The reason for their doubts are the wilder places he travels — such as, for example, the recently conquered Maliovitsa peak, as high as 2,729 m.

In the past three months, the forecaster has traveled more than 10,000 kilometers.

The car is black in color, with four doors and Burgas registration. There is no tuning yet, but improvements will probably come when the journalist really emphasizes off-road.

A ram for fun, Nikolay uses his new vehicle when needed. He was one of the volunteers in Karlovsko. “One cannot help but be moved by what is seen in the reports and social networks. There will be work for both people and volunteers for a long time.

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