Bulgaria pressures the channelers with the Europol resource

Europol will help us in the fight against illegal immigration.

This became clear from a joint briefing by the Minister of Energy Ivan Demerdzhiev and the head of Europol.

The Executive Director of Europol Catherine de Ball is on an official visit to Bulgaria. The aim is to visit Europol’s partners and discuss how together they can fight organized crime and terrorism. In addition, they must give their assessment of their work with Europol. Bulgaria has always been a reliable partner in Europol, she said.

No one should be surprised – the prime minister is sending police and army to the southern border

It was an open secret that people were trafficked through agreed routes

In the last 5 years, there has been a threefold increase in the exchange of information between our services and Europol, as reported by de Bol. She highlighted successes in channeling, migrant and human trafficking, goods smuggling and the fight against counterfeit euros. Together with Europol, we have conducted extremely successful operations, according to the head of the European police.

The security situation in Europe has changed dramatically, pointed out Catherine de Bol. Ensuring security for our citizens is important in everyday life, she said. That is why the role of Europol needs to be strengthened, de Bol believes. Europol will continue to help us.

Regarding the situation with migrants, she commented on the case in Burgas, in which two policemen died. Catherine De Bol offered her condolences to their families.

This tragedy has shown once again what risk police officers are exposed to on a daily basis, said the director of Europol. And as we have always been a reliable partner of Europol, the service wants to help us in the fight against illegal immigration.

The Deputy Director of the Border Police, Deyan Mollov, resigned

It was requested by Ivan Demerdzhiev after the incident with two dead policemen in Burgas

Bulgaria is a key transit route for migrants, and illegal migration threatens the entire EU. That is why Bulgaria plays a very important role in the fight against this type of crime, said Catherine de Bol.

In turn, the interior minister Ivan Demerdzhiev highlighted the challenges of increased migrant pressure.

He informed Catherine de Bol with the actions taken by the Ministry of the Interior. A massive operation is underway against illegal immigration and refugee trafficking. Demerdzhiev outlined the need for interaction with Europol. Border security has been strengthened. The use of drones, he said, has a disciplining effect.

Today, measures have been identified to improve the interaction with Europol. Joint teams may be involved in border security. All measures will be discussed in more depth within the framework of tomorrow.

The police chased the illegal migrants in Sofia

The police chased the illegal migrants in Sofia

During a special operation, small groups of refugees were captured in different neighborhoods

Minister Demerdzhiev thanked Europol for the help in uncovering the culprits of the accident in Burgas.

He also raised the issue of our country’s accession to Schengen, stressing that we are ready to be full partners in the Schengen area.

He and de Boll also discussed issues related to cyber security.

The minister said that the measures which The Ministry of the Interior took action against the sewers, they gave results and the persons involved in this activity were worried. The age of the sewer from the incident in Burgas is still being determined, it became clear from Demerdzhiev’s words.

They caught a truck with 100 Afghans in Burgas


They caught a truck with 100 Afghans in Burgas

Another 53 migrants were caught in the area of ​​the Burgas villages of Gaber and Debelt

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