A hunter from Blagoevgrad with a record, the wolves tremble

A hunter from Blagoevgrad with a record, the wolves tremble
A hunter from Blagoevgrad with a record, the wolves tremble

Semir is in the forest almost every day. He is not afraid of bears. There is no give-and-take with them. However, this is not the case with wolves. On the condition that he is not afraid of predators. On the contrary. He is deeply convinced that wolves should be afraid of him. Semir is a hunter who has shot a total of 103 wolves so far.

The last one fell ten days ago. Semir Hadjiev from Blagoevgrad is the absolute number 1 in our country in this type of hunting, which is not very popular in his native latitudes because of the harsh conditions in which it takes place.

A ruthless and insidious killer, the most terrible predatory beast in the middle latitudes, a hardy runner. All these are characteristics of the wolf, a representative of the dog family.

However, this does not sound scary for the avdjia, who works in a large game farm in the area of ​​Bodrost above Blagoevgrad. For him, there are no secrets in hunting this type of predator. The most important thing is to know how to communicate and love nature, according to him. So he was nursed as a child when he often went on hunting trips with his grandfather. Listened carefully to his lessons as well as those of the old hunters. And he is adamant that the avjilak also learns all his life. The thrill never goes away from chasing game.

Semir knows the entire Pirin area, he is constantly called by people who have suffered from wolf attacks. Some time ago, there was a road to the village of Oshtava to rid a local farmer of the four-legged beast. A wolf kills another cow in the area, and therefore a permit was issued by the hunting and fishing association in Kresna to shoot the predator. After stalking in an oak forest and momentarily distracting the wolf while it was feeding, Hadzhiev managed to bring down his victim and bring peace to the farmers in Pirinsko. And to yourself – killed wolf #100!

“Wolves are difficult to shoot, they run away from people. It takes a lot of persistence, thick nerves, strong legs and, of course, an accurate aim. My biggest success was during one of the hunting trips, when I managed to bring down four wolves,” says Semir Hadjiev, a Citirian from “Telegraf”. Few avajis engage in this type of hunting because of the unusually difficult manner in which a result is achieved. According to Semir, this is done with extreme persistence and endurance in all weather and climate conditions for the hunter to be where the wolf can appear. To reach this stage, many more long observations and tracking of raids and the usual routes of wolf raids in search of all kinds of prey – all kinds of domestic and wild animals – are necessary.

The other thing that guarantees you a successful hunt is to know the area perfectly, to orient yourself, because most often a wolf is hunted at dusk. During the day, the animal rests, hides well. A wolf is the most difficult to hunt, because it is cautious, distrustful, if it senses human presence, it immediately disappears, it has a great instinct for self-preservation. Despite its image in fairy tales, this predator is very cunning. Sometimes hunger makes them attack in broad daylight.

Then they make great havoc, recently in a sheepfold in the village of Debochitsa a wolf killed 35 out of 40 sheep. This is a blow to their owner because this is his life. In some areas, these predators attack and eat up to fifty calves. “Some protect animals, but people must also be thought of. A man whose flock is crushed, his life ends.’

Semir is adamant that wolves should not be measured in kilograms, as they may have been hired before being shot, and this increases their weight by ten kilograms. For a hunting trophy, the indicator is the length and width of the animal’s skull. Semir has several gold medals from his killed wolves. But to get to shooting them, you have a long and difficult road ahead of you. It takes a lot of patience and not complaining in any way. It happens that you are on fire for 13-14 hours at sub-zero temperatures. You should not move so that the predator does not smell you. Your hands are freezing, you can’t feel your body, your head is tight, you’re far from your family. All this can be overcome with only one thing – desire and love for hunting, otherwise it cannot be done. Hunting for big game will soon be open, although Semir loves any kind of hunting in any way – by luring, by stalking, by waiting. “It’s not just a successful hunt that matters. Above all, let’s be healthy and hunt without accidents, with good organization, to observe the safety rules”, says the 44-year-old avjia from Blagoevgrad.

His 11-year-old son Martin is also already keen on hunting, most likely he will be a worthy replacement for his father. But he will decide for himself whether to become a hunter, nothing good happens by force, Semir is categorical. But there are many more hunting trips and hunting trophies ahead of the Wolf Tamer, as he is called by his colleagues. In the mountains, his most faithful companion is the hunting carbine “Browning”, caliber 30-06. He also relies on the other avjis from the hunting party in the village of Khrsovo. Because in the forest it is always good not to be alone, but to have someone to watch your back. And after #103 comes wolf #104. Semir is ready for this step.

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