Increased police presence in the school area from today

Increased police presence in the school area from today
Increased police presence in the school area from today

There will be an increased police presence in the areas of schools and intersections with intense traffic on the first school day in Haskovo.

Road safety measures for schoolchildren are in line with the traditional preventive action under the title “Children go to school. Let’s keep them on the road!”.

Before and during the first day of school celebrations, there will be increased patrols in schoolyards, adjacent areas and busy intersections during the pre-school and post-school hours. Police officers will assist the safe movement and crossing of children and their companions.

On high-traffic streets in and outside school districts, they will monitor drivers for strict adherence to speed limits and the right-of-way for pedestrians on signalized crosswalks, and will enforce proper crossing by pedestrians as well. The organization of increased police presence in the areas of the most risky intersections near schools will continue throughout the school year.

The Police in Haskovo announces that in cooperation with the municipalities, the Regional Inspectorate of Education and school management, a complex of measures have been implemented to secure school buildings and yards and to improve the organization and safety of traffic in the areas of educational establishments.

During the summer period, the fire control officers carried out inspections in the educational institutions in the district. During the inspections, it was reminded that the schools must have working devices for initial extinguishing, the internal fire hydrants must be equipped, there must be schemes and good conditions have been created for the evacuation of students and staff in the event of a fire.

Officers from the traffic and territorial police also carried out checks in the areas of the schools. Together with representatives of the municipalities, a review was made of the road markings and sign management, the lighting and the means of forced reduction of speed in the school districts, the security of the entrances of the educational institutions and their adjacent yards. For the identified shortcomings, notification letters have been sent to the municipalities and school managements to take measures and eliminate the risks for the children’s safety.

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