At a special ceremony: Stefan Shivachev was awarded an honorary plaque by the municipality of Plovdiv

“A man, even if it is good to live, reaches this point and retires. I am satisfied because I was able to realize everything I wrote in my concept from way back in 1993. I realized my dream that the museum would be open to His Majesty the visitor and at the same time combine the sanctity of the temple and the academicism of the university. We managed to make it one of the most significant cultural centers. I thank my colleagues”, said Associate Professor Dr. Stefan Shivachev during a special ceremony where he resigned from the post of director of the History Museum.

He did not hide his excitement and his pride that he managed to develop the museum and work well with all the mayors during the 27 years at the institution.

“Today marks the end of my professional career at the head of this museum. From now on I will only sign as a historian”, said Shivachev and wished his successor – the new director Stoyan Ivanov to be a good person, leader and a good historian.

Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov thanked for the good cooperation and paid his respects to Shivachev. I realize what a responsibility it is to preserve the historical memory of Plovdiv. In you, the Municipality of Plovdiv has a like-minded person, a partner and a friend in the future as well. It was a pleasure to work together. You can always count on us”, said the mayor and presented a diploma and an honorary plaque to Stefan Shivachev.

The new director, Stoyan Ivanov, emphasized that he will continue to rely on his help and advice.

“Everything he has achieved will be continued and upgraded,” Ivanov said.

Stefan Shivachev was also awarded a diploma by the Tourism Council.

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