Toshko Yordanov on the records: Kiril Petkov admitted to guarding Boyko Borisov


26 May 2023 | 11:45

/CROSS/ “I will quote a thought of Seneca: “Time reveals the truth”. Time passes, the truth becomes clearer. What we said a year ago…6 months ago has come to light. The truth is coming to light. There are no more arguments who is what. The stains and mud that were thrown on ITN and Slavi, it is clear that they were thrown by some garbage and we are absolutely right. What we said – that’s what we did, despite the lies of Kiril Petkov, Asen Vasilev and Radostin Vassilev”. This was stated on the sidelines of the National Assembly by Toshko Yordanov from “There is such a people”, commenting on Kiril Petkov’s statement that politicians from PP-DB were recorded during work meetings.

“Yesterday, Kiril Petkov admitted beautifully what is in these records. How he should protect Boyko Borisov, how the war with him is about color, how they should form a government, how they agreed to change the bosses and reform the services with the consent of foreign embassies. This is national treason, I’m sorry,” he said categorically.

“Imagine if the French special services were lined up by the British special services, what a scandal there would be in France, and these are doing exactly that. Kiril Petkov is not Bulgarian in his head, he is any other, but he is not Bulgarian. These are not Bulgarians , they don’t work for national interests but for themselves, they are insanely greedy for power,” Yordanov also said.

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