should there be a live broadcast of the debate on the judiciary

should there be a live broadcast of the debate on the judiciary
should there be a live broadcast of the debate on the judiciary

Another batch of scandals flared up in the parliament over the powers of the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev. The occasion this time was the introduction of a second reading of the changes in the Civil Code, which also affect the powers of the chief prosecutor. The BSP first jumped at Rosen Zhelyazkov for his decision to introduce the bill today, even though the legal commission’s report was received in the National Assembly’s office minutes before 11 a.m. However, after that, the scandal flared up in the direction of whether the debate on the law should be broadcast live on BNT and BNR.

The majority in the hall opposed it, and Lyuben Dilov even pointed out that 23 media were broadcasting live. And while BSP went through ideas on which BNT channel to broadcast, “Vazrazhdane” gave a more extravagant option – to be on the military channel. The reason – because of what was presented by Radostin Vassilev, the party saw attempts at espionage and decided that “in a situation of crisis, such as the Bulgarian statehood, it would follow that those who are in charge of safety, namely the military, should be aware of the decisions in the parliament “.

Georgi Svilenski announced that every Friday between 11:00 and 12:00 the BNT cameras expected parliamentary control. “We are not messing with any TV scheme, BNT 1 expects to broadcast the National Assembly. 23 channels are broadcasting, not the national media. This is how Radostin Vassilev’s recordings happen – when they are broadcast online from somewhere,” said the socialist.

However, the MPs never live-streamed the debates on the bill.

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