VIDEO: Tragically funny bombing against “Russian volunteers” in Belgorod


Video footage suggesting how the Russian military acted against the operation of the so-called “Russian volunteers” in the Belgorod region, caused ridicule in social networks.

The video shows a pair of Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers attacking the Graivovoron checkpoint – where the Russian Volunteer Corps and Legin “Free Russia” entered the Belgorod region. The planes are clearly trying to bomb the site, but their aim is desperate:

Meanwhile, Russian football hooligans have released a video encouraging residents of the Belgorod region to join the “Russian volunteers”. They talk about how this is a “last chance” and that if Russia wins in Ukraine, it will legitimize “this criminal regime.” And who are the faces of the so-called “Russian volunteers”, learn in the active link below:

MORE: The commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps summarized what was done in the Belgorod region (VIDEO)

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