Donald Trump: Biden is crazy or suffering from dementia

Donald Trump: Biden is crazy or suffering from dementia
Donald Trump: Biden is crazy or suffering from dementia

His words came in response to a speech by Joe Biden, who said Trump was “a threat to the rule of law

Bandincandgo throughanddent Donald Trump obvandnand presentandher landder of the United States Joe Bidenthat he suffers from dementiaandher.

This happened after Biden decidedand protrump liquidandhere in republicandthe Cannes genderandtandas a “threat to a democratandflock”, reported BGNES, tsandtandraikand “Yourandngton post”.

In a speech by Fandladelphandya, proandaired in prime time late Thursday Biden’s statementandthat upcomingandthey betweenandnnand andcollectionand are bandtka for the “soul of Americaand that Trump and dvandwomanandhere’s “Yes I didandm America again velandka” (MAGA) are a threat to the rule of law, globalandthe authorandTet and civilandthose rights of the country.

Someone needs to explainand on Joe Bidenslowly but passionately that MAGA means, so much withandlno as only words can beandthey MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! If he doesn’t andi want to doand America again velandka, which through dumandactualandher and mandsland wrongandthen he withandgurness should not represent the Unionandnenandthem Americanskand stateand!“, e.gandare Trump in Truth Social – the platform that startandra, after it was andkicked out of Twitter.

During the speech withand Biden obvandnand so-calledandthey”MAGA republicandofficeand“that they refuse to prandknow freeand and honestand andcollectionandthey talk about usandlandis in response to genderandtandCzechandthey genderandtandkandcoandthey don’t like it and work to thwart “the will of the people“.

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