Spalletti: Napoli have ambitions, but nothing is life and death – Italy

Spalletti: Napoli have ambitions, but nothing is life and death – Italy
Spalletti: Napoli have ambitions, but nothing is life and death – Italy

Luciano Spalletti has said that Napoli have ambitions to win Saturday’s derby against Lazio, but it will not be a matter of life and death.

The coach gave the traditional press conference: “We have to improve our quality of play to get back on track. We will work on moving the ball quickly and with fewer touches. We have new players who are still getting to know the team, but this is a normal process,” he said.

Some of the main players such as Lorenzo Insigne, Dries Mertens, Kalidou Koulibaly and David Ospina left the Napoli team. In their place, the club signed Georgian talent Kwicha Kvaratshelia, who started with 3 goals in his first matches, as well as Tangi Ndombele from Tottenham and Giacomo Raspadori from Sassuolo.

Regarding the new players, Spalletti said: “Raspadori is very flexible and knows how to take advantage of empty spaces. As for Ndombele, he is a great player and he needs to adapt to our football. He knows how to move the ball quickly and always keeps his rear-view mirror in the right position, the footballer has many qualities.”

On his expectations for Saturday’s Lazio derby, the Napoli coach said: “I have often said that you can recognize the quality of Maurizio Sarri’s football in all his teams. As for our system, it changes depending on the spaces left by the opposing team. Lazio can make the best of our mistakes, it will be a battle to see who is better.”

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