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“Our teams are well prepared, we have already learned how to get along with the Central Election Commission.” Veselin Todorov from “Siela Norma” announced this in an interview for the show “Before All” on the Horizon program.

“We will carry out all the activities related to software preparation, installation, maintenance of the machines in the sectional election commissions, transport and overall organization. We will not transport the machines abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will do that, and we will maintain them in these sections,” said Todorov.

It assumes that under the control of the Central Election Commission, the key will be generated with which the operating system and the voting application will be signed. “These are rather control functions, and the main functions of work execution are with us,” added Todorov.

He stated that last year’s arguments were about who had what functions.

“Now we’ve synced things up and I think everything will be very smooth this time, God forbid something goes wrong with the hardware.” Everything that is under our control will be done properly,” Todorov said.

According to him, the voters are already very experienced and the argument that they do not know the machines and the way to vote with them is greatly exaggerated.

Todorov explained that all damaged machines have been serviced and are in excellent condition.

He explained that the CEC has already proposed what should be on the training machines, and they will probably be signed at the time of signing the contract. Todorov suggests that this will happen on Thursday or Friday.

“Both we and the CEC have learned how best to do it so that the voters can meet the machines live and everyone who is worried, stop worrying,” he said.

Todorov explained that the price of the contract is BGN 7 million and 880 thousand without VAT. The estimated value of the public procurement was BGN 6 million and 800 thousand without VAT.

According to Todorov, this is due to the fact that the company still uses software specialists from the USA and Panama, whose salaries have increased, as well as the fact that the dollar has risen by 13-14% compared to the leva. “Costs for them did not rise by the usual 15%, but almost double. There is a big increase in costs and in transport,” he added.

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