I quit my job as a waitress and we went to the sea

I quit my job as a waitress and we went to the sea
I quit my job as a waitress and we went to the sea

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Singer Gina Stoeva celebrates her birthday today. She was born on September 6, 1976 in Ruse. Today I will celebrate with friends by the sea. However, she took the time to answer our questions. This is an interview of Tsveti Hristova, in which the singer will tell many interesting things to the readers of Sofia24.bg. Gina Stoeva sincerely and personally, as you have never seen her.

– Happy holiday! Be alive, healthy and very happy! Where will you be celebrating this year?

– Thanks a lot! At the sea with friends. I am in Primorsko because the National Off-Road Assembly is held here.

– Upload a picture with the White Brotherhood in the hours before the arrival of the Cosmic New Year. Tell us about this meeting!

– I’ve been meaning to go there during the holiday for a long time. This year, this opportunity opened up for me and I am very pleased. To see so many people in white robes, dancing and chanting (mantrating) – it was exciting. I felt a special energy in the air with all these positive-minded and immersed in “shouting the good” people. Even I managed to join the dance for a while, although from the side, outside the circle. I was there with my daughter Ivaya and with my mother. We were we took some food and had a picnic, after the Panevria my friend took us to their camp where they gather for lunch. So we were able to try some of the vegetable soup (they don’t eat meat) that was prepared. I enjoyed it very much.

The people handing out the food, singing, served each bottomer who lined up for soup and bread. Everyone handed themselves their own bowl and then retired to the side to enjoy their lunch. In a cauldron, they were stirring a mixture for bread from spelled. We couldn’t wait for it, but I am grateful for this touch to this society, to the positivism that is blowing around. Several times I urged Ivaya to go, but she didn’t want to, as if she couldn’t part with this place.

Sama sat in the lotus position and meditated, as she had seen her mother do. We drank water from Danov’s fountain and connected with cosmic energy from the circle located next to the fountain. There was a tent limit this year. We were prepared with a tent, but we will stay another time with a sleepover.

– You love the Rila Lakes. Do you remember when you first got on?

– Yes, I love this place and visit it often. It is a world-famous fact that this is one of the most energetic places in Bulgaria and beyond. It is no coincidence that it is visited by many foreigners, not only Bulgarians.

Gina Stoeva has been on stage for 25 years. In recent years, she has a new passion – yoga

– You are currently a yoga instructor. How and when did you decide to do yoga professionally?

– During the COVID-19 pandemic. I decided that I should use my time in which we were paralyzed with something useful. I stumbled across an ad for a classical yoga class and felt something in my stomach. I said to myself: “This is it!” I’ve had a soft spot for it for a long time and always wanted to know more about this culture and way of life. After classical yoga, I enrolled in yoga for children and then Pilates. So I committed to a year’s training.

– Are you working on a new song, what new can we expect in the future?

– COVID-19 stopped my creative projects for a longer time. You need to earn enough money to invest in a new project. I have been thinking about a folklore project for a long time, I also have a specific idea, but let’s see when I will be able to finalize this undertaking.

– You often go home to Ruse. What is your most vivid memory from your hometown? What is your favorite place in Ruse?

– I have many memories from Ruse – from my school years at the “Major Atanas Uzunov” Sports School, and then from my student years, as well as from the start of my career as a singer. I have friends with whom we maintain relations even today. I always it’s nice in Rousse. I won’t forget how I started singing. I was working in a restaurant as a waitress while I was a student. I had met some musicians at a gathering. I got up to sing a song and they said to me: “Ya, sing more something!” And I sang a few songs, and they asked me “Are you looking for a job as a singer?”. That question was all I wanted to hear. I said “Yes” and so we did some rehearsals, I had a lot of repertoire that I had learned myself before and we progressed easily.

I quit my job as a restaurant waitress and we went to the sea to work with the orchestra during the summer season. When we returned at the end of the summer, we had to look for a job in a restaurant for the winter, and I decided to call the manager of the restaurant where I previously worked as a waitress. He told me, come, you are always welcome. And I told him: “But not as a waitress, but as a singer.” He smiled and said: “Come!” And we started there. After I finished my higher education, I went to Sofia to start a professional singing career.

Gina Stoeva is a non-standard folk singer – she jumps with a parachute, participates in “Survivor”. Her athletic figure also shows that she graduated from the sports school in her hometown. Gina practiced high jump and triple jump and competed in her student years while studying administrative management at the University of Ruse. We saw her athletic skills in the second season of the TV reality show “Survivor”.

– Participated in “Survivor” in 2008. What did you learn from this survival race?

– I learned that in whatever situation people are placed, both the good and the bad side of a person always come out. Some of the participants justified themselves by acting the way they did because they were playing a game, but if you don’t carry the bad in yourself, you can’t act contrary to the good. So everything is visible there! And the other, which is perhaps more important: “Food is stronger than everything!” If there is no food, everything else is in the background as a need. Maslow’s pyramid!

– You love extreme experiences – you jump with a parachute, with a rope… do you have new experiences in this sense?

– Extreme needs stayed in the background after I gave birth to Ivaya. My maternal instinct is clearly stronger. I have to raise this child, I want to be by her side as long as possible to pass on experience, knowledge and above all what every person needs most – love! The most extreme thing I’ve done lately is riding a Ferris wheel with Ivaya.

– Your daughter Ivaya is already doing splits…does she come with you to the yoga room, is she sporty?

– She is very sporty, yes. This is an inheritance from me and from her father. She is constantly climbing, doing exercises, jumping. I will enroll her in sports this year. She wants rhythmic gymnastics, but she can also try tennis, track and field, whatever she likes. Swimming is a must! I’m leading her. And with music, I think it’s time to try that too. Shows great interest. She learns songs herself, sings, dances. I will help her as much as I can. He can succeed there.

– How did Ivaya change your life?

– I divide my life into 2 stages: Before and after Ivaya. A person with a child feels radically different. Your thinking, priorities, interests – everything changes. This is the greatest happiness and responsibility, of course.

Gina Stoeva’s discography contains a total of 7 albums, two of which are entirely folk music. Her popular songs are “My love”, “Stay, stay”, “Hourglass”, “How long”, “One hundred women”, “Desire”, “Incurably in love”, “One news” (duet with Ivena), “Life” loves you”, “It was written to us” and others.

You wrote the lyrics to many of the songs you sang over the years.

– Yes, I wrote texts and it was never at any cost. Either she leaves or you torture her, torture her and she decides for herself when her time will come. That’s what happened with “Hourglass”. I liked the song and I sat down to write lyrics. I had an idea, I started to write, but I kept getting stuck at some point. And so months passed. And when my friend died in an accident, I sat down and wrote it from scratch time. She was just waiting for her moment. And she became very strong as a message, a sound. There is no part where they don’t want her. I dedicated her to Galya and took a CD with the song to her grave.

– You did a duet a while ago with your sister. From whom did you inherit the talent to sing?

– Both my grandmothers sang very well, my father and mother also sing very well, true. But no one had ever played music professionally, so no one expected that I would deepen my love for music so much. A duet with my sister was a gift from me to her, there I had the muse to write the lyrics and the music too.

– What do you dream of?

– I dream of a peaceful and calm time. I dream of having the strength and opportunity to study my daughter and give her a good start in life, to have enough time with her, to love her and she loves me.

– What is your favorite place in Sofia, your favorite view?

– The view from the Hoof is very good, especially in the evening with all those lights. A favorite place is my terrace, from which you can also see Sofia. Evening – a romantic setting with candles, a glass of wine, good company, the lights of the city and occasionally even fireworks. It’s not noisy, which is also a plus. Birds can be heard, peaceful atmosphere.

– What do you spend the most money on in your life?

– In recent years for Ivaya toys. I like to spend money on clothes, shoes, swimwear, glasses. But now I’m at a stage in my life where I’m learning to hold back because we accumulate so many clothes and belongings over the years that we end up with unnecessary things that we don’t even get to wear. After all, most people carry a few things that are comfortable and favorite, and the others fill their closets and go out of style. Yes, our profession requires us to have a variety of trendy, spectacular clothes, shoes and accessories, but we also have a lot of excess stuff.

– What makes you cry most often?

– It can make me cry from a romantic or dramatic movie, to a joke or a joke told in a friendly company. I can also cry from anger.

– How can a man easily reach your heart?

– A man cannot easily reach my heart, but if he shows patience, persistence and makes sincere gestures that show love and not selfish motives, he could win my trust and attention, and later my love.

– Have you ever done “man’s work” at home?

You bet! To change light bulbs, to clean the siphon of the sink, to hammer and do various things on the terrace, I also rely on myself for the maintenance of the car. It’s nice to have a helper in these tasks, but that’s no reason to have someone by my side at all costs to make it easier for me. That, however, is another topic.

– What is your attitude to the “silicone mania” that has taken over women around the world?

– I respect the doctors who can say stop to their patients, who, entering into a “narcotic addiction” to beauty procedures, cannot say stop to themselves. After all, that’s why they say beautifying, to beautify, not to threaten, yes correct, not modify.

– What cause would push you to charity?

– Any cause for good!

– What type of people can win you over as a friend?

Genuine without posing, being positive and well-intentioned. To empathize with my joys and problems. To be pleasant and calm with them.

– If you have power, what is the first thing you will change in the country?

– I will increase wages, I will pay bonuses to encourage people to work, I will increase child benefits and pensions – too. All children will be able to go to public kindergarten and school.

– What do you think about the war in Ukraine?

– I do not approve of the war in Ukraine, although there are people who defend Putin and his actions. I hope it will pass soon and people will appreciate that peace and tranquility are the most constructive things for the development of nations!

– Favourite food?

– Pasta, fish, sushi.

– Favorite drink?

– Citronade, ouzo, aperol spritz.

– Favorite movie?

– Gladiator

– Favorite actor?

– DiCaprio, Brother Pete, Russell Crowe.

– Favorite music?

– Latino.

– Favorite singer and songwriter?

– Celine Dion.

– Favorite designer?

– Dolce and Gabbana and Armani.

Favorite book and author?

– Life in the rocks (from last read.

– Favorite team?

– Levski.

– Favorite athlete?

-Grigor Dimitrov.

– Favorite car brand?

– Mercedes.

– Favorite perfume?

– Yves Saint Laurent – Libre.

– Do you have a hobby and what is it?

– The mountains, climbing peaks.

– Favorite motto?

– Today – more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

– What is your most memorable birthday?

– My 30th anniversary.

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