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One of the matches that await us on the first day of the US Open quarterfinals pits Nick Kyrgios against Karen Khachanov.

This will be the third fight between them in total, as so far they have exchanged one victory each. The Russian achieved success in Cincinnati in 2019, and the Australian got revenge with a win at the 2020 Australian Open.

The upcoming match is also eagerly awaited due to another curious detail – an online conversation between the two with insults from both sides.

This is a discussion on Twitter from September 2020. Mats Wilander then criticized Andy Murray and the fact that the former No. 1 was getting invites to many tournaments instead of them going to young and talented players.

Kyrgios decided to defend his good friend by telling Wilander to “shut up” and adding that he had never watched the Swede play tennis.

“Nick, come on,’s too some respect” – that’s how Khachanov joined the conversation, which also led to the subsequent insults between him and Kyrgios.

Here is the continuation of the discussion:

Kyrgios: “I am fine. Murray and I respect each other and if someone starts talking about one of mine I stand up to them. Should I respect Mats? Why? Because he hits a ball over the net? I don’t give respect for that.”

Khachanov: “Brother, the decision is yours. I really think you are a good boy and I have no problem with you. But sitting at home and writing various comments about players makes me wonder who the real problem is…”

Kyrgios: “So you think what the players did during this pandemic was smart? I’d be happy to have an intellectual conversation with you, but I’m not sure we’ll get any further than how hard you can hit the ball. I just hold people accountable.”

Khachanov: “And next time before you talk about my intelligence, at least read a few books instead of playing video games all day.”

Kyrgios: “I feed the hungry, I help open new facilities for children to play sports. But great way to do your research, you complete moron.’

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