Galena with recognition. Will there be a third child?

Galena with recognition. Will there be a third child?
Galena with recognition. Will there be a third child?

Galena talked about whether she will have a third child. Not long ago, it was rumored that the singer, who is a mentor in “The Voice of Bulgaria”, is pregnant.

But no, the singer is not pregnant at the moment. The truth is that her husband Galin really wants to increase his offspring with another member, but the singer is reluctant and they often get into heated arguments on this topic, BLITZ reported.

“We have often talked and often our friends say: “How nice it will be if a little girl blossoms in your family”. At this stage – no! In the future, let it be life and health, if it happens – for sure”, she says.

Galena has significantly reduced her appearances in nightclubs. She sings three nights a week, and most people think that her husband Galin is stopping her from the profession. It turns out that her young son is the one who constantly grumbles when his mother leaves for work. And Galena has decided to spend more time with her children, not to be absent from their lives.

A few days ago, it became clear that Galena’s eldest son will study at a very expensive school in Veliko Tarnovo. His parents would count 11 grand for his American College education, as he wanted to become an IT specialist.

The singer of “Euphoria” does not hide that her two sons are very different from each other. The big one does not like social events, while the little one likes to push himself between the cameras and be the center of attention.

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