One of the oldest schools in Plovdiv is burning (photos and video)

One of the oldest schools in Plovdiv is burning (photos and video)
One of the oldest schools in Plovdiv is burning (photos and video)

A fire broke out on the roof of one of the oldest and most iconic Plovdiv schools – “Dusho Hadzydekov” Elementary School, minutes before 12 noon. Firefighters were able to contain the fire after an hour. Almost the entire roof structure was burnt.

There are 5 firefighting vehicles with firefighting teams and a mechanical ladder on site. Teams of OP “Parks and Gardens” also joined in the fight against the fire element.

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No one was injured, the staff on duty self-evacuated. At the time of the fire, there were 30 teachers in the school building.

Multiple police teams have cordoned off the entire area around the school, vehicular traffic has been stopped.

The whole area is smoky.

The cause of the fire is probably repair work. There were workers on the roof putting insulation paper. It remains to be seen whether all safety measures have been taken. The insurance of the building is also to be checked.

The mayor of the city, Zdravko Dimitrov, the deputy mayor, Stefan Stoyanov, and the head of RDPBZN – Plovdiv, Commissioner Georgi Mangarakov, are present here.

“The Municipality of Plovdiv is assisting the fire fighters, hydrants from OP “Gardens and Parks” and water tankers from OP “Cleanliness” have been provided, Mayor Zdravko Dimitrov announced.

He specified that at a later stage, Deputy Mayor Stefan Stoyanov will inspect the school in order to determine the extent of the damage and to look for options for school premises.

There are 19 classes in the school that need to be moved for the start of the school year. They will be accommodated in 2 schools in the center, said Deputy Mayor for Education Stefan Stoyanov, but did not specify which ones they would be.

“The important thing is that no one was injured. After the fire is extinguished, we will see what the damage is and urgent repairs will begin,” said director Grozdenka Nikolova.

“We will act in the fastest way to restore the school,” assured the deputy. Mayor Stefan Stoyanov.

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