New cards for public transport in Sofia come into force

New cards for public transport in Sofia come into force
New cards for public transport in Sofia come into force

New types of vehicle documents for moving around Sofia with public transport come into force from today – September 1. This was announced by the Center for Urban Mobility (CGM). They were adopted by decision of the Metropolitan Municipal Council.

The annual subscription card can now be paid in 3 installments, and not, as so far, only two. The first installment is initial with a validity of up to three months and is worth BGN 150. The next installment is also for three months and is priced at BGN 120, and the last installment is up to 6 months and is BGN 100.

Youth up to 26 years oldregardless of whether they are studying or working, can benefit from the annual youth card of price of 250 BGN for the entire network, including the subway. With her, the journey goes on 68 cents per daywith no restrictions on the number of trips and vehicles.

It is introduced for the first time annual card for pupils and students. She is with a price of 200 BGN and applies to all public transport. With it, the daily unlimited movement goes out 54 cents per day. Charging is a one-time charge against a document from a school or university in Sofia, if the student enters the relevant educational institution for the first time. If he already had a card, he does not need to present a certificate. The current monthly card of BGN 20 is also retained.

There is also special support for young parents of children up to 2 years old. The parent who is on parental leave will now be able to use it monthly card worth BGN 10 for the entire urban transport network. It is only necessary to present a certificate of his status at a CGM point.

All vehicle documents are available online and can be loaded on the platform

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