An army of policemen prevented the demolition of the dangerous Tyutunev warehouse…

The owner Plamen Moravenov was not allowed this morning to the Tobacco Warehouse on Hristo Botev Blvd., the planned demolition of which was supposed to begin today. Given that all the permits for these actions were in place, including from the Traffic Police to separate the traffic lane in one direction of the roadway, the building was discovered by the police. The uniformed refused access, although according to unofficial information there is no written order to do so.

“There is a verbal order for the entire Tyutyunev city, not only for our warehouse. Now I have been invited to the Economic Police to present documents and the prosecutor’s office to check why we are going to remove part of the dangerous building – said Moravenov to “Maritsa”. – We have all the documents for removal part of it. Because there has been a problem for years. We all live in this city and pass through here, it’s time someone told the people of Plovdiv how long these people will influence and manipulate. And the minister is being manipulated, he doesn’t know what the exact situation is with our warehouse . For me, he should familiarize himself with the case and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, because they have no right to stop such a process”.

As “Maritsa” told, the dangerous building, which has been a hangout for drug addicts and homeless people for years, had to be demolished twice, but the process was stopped. A last attempt was made in 2020, but it was stopped because arch. Petkana Bakalova requested that the building be declared a cultural monument. The decision on this status was made only yesterday at the specialized council of the National Institute of National Statistics and Culture. However, it has not entered into force and in practice the building still does not have such a status.

“We are not declared a cultural monument and nothing blocks our demolition actions. First, we must be notified by law that there is such an assembly. We have the right to participate in it. Second, the Municipality must be notified that this will happened. We don’t have a single document about it. What they did yesterday is illegal. They know it,” said Moravenov. “This cannot be a cultural monument. All this will go to court – not only our building, but the Tobacco City . He is a hostage to a family in which there is a conflict of interest, and it spins the culture and the ministry and the whole city and all the people of the city on its finger. This building has a cornice height of 20 meters and when it falls, it goes to the neighboring building”.

When asked what he will do, Moravenov replied: “Whatever we can by law. We lost some funds again, for the third time”.

The expenses are in the order of BGN 50-60 thousand, a crane was also hired to come from “Kremikovtsi”.

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