Important for all who want to help those in need!

Important for all who want to help those in need!
Important for all who want to help those in need! published without editorial intervention the appeal of Diana Tosheva, which the woman posted on the social network Facebook:

“Hello, friends! I am writing today with a huge request to all of you!!! As we already know about the floods in the villages of Karlovy Vary – the situation in the villages of Karavelovo and Bogdan remains tragic! These people lost a large part of their homes and not only their homes, but also their hope …

The damage is huge, people are suffering and are in a dead end, they have no food, no access, no medicine… Starting tomorrow I am starting a self-initiative to collect things of first necessity! Packaged and canned food, mineral water, hygiene supplies, essential medicines analgin, aspirin, paracetamol… as well as blankets, clothes and all kinds of electrical appliances! Personally, I take the commitment that the things of first necessity reach the villages!

The main point for collecting donations is in Plovdiv, 30 “Kuklensko shose” Blvd. /in front of the “Albron” building/.

Baskets for donations will also be placed in the following stores: Supermarket Kuklen, store “Stodi”, vegetable store “Always Fresh” – at Maria’s.

I will be grateful to everyone who joined the initiative! You can contact me at any time, on private messages, as well as on 0877953435! Be healthy!”.

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