The season of renovations: Masters take double from a year ago

The season of renovations: Masters take double from a year ago
The season of renovations: Masters take double from a year ago

The construction season is in full swing. After the summer vacations, everyone is back in the cities and using the still warm weather to carry out both ongoing repairs and major or finishing works on properties bought on a screed. Although wholesale building materials have calmed their prices and some raw materials, such as metal, are quoted at pre-war prices, it turns out that repair work is not affordable for everyone. There is a huge increase not only in the materials, but also in the cost of the craftsmen’s labor. However, this obviously does not turn people away, as this season it is particularly difficult to engage a master for a bathroom, refreshing bedrooms, for example, and other types of repair work.

The increase in the cost of services continues against the background of seriously increased demand and the reduced number of workers in the sector. This, along with inflation, automatically leads to increase in the cost of the labor of craftsmen and workers, which is the main element in pricing. Average material prices also continue to see increases.


In just about 1 year, the prices for laying tiles – one of the main activities in finishing works – have risen by approximately 100%. According to the type and size of the tiles, the rates vary, but a market reference shows that the average price for gluing per sq.m. for terracotta, granite and earthenware with included glue costs about 45-50 BGN per sq.m. Grouting is now often calculated separately and is around BGN 5-10 per sq.m. If the dimensions of the granite tiles are larger, it is possible that the entire service will cost 80 BGN per sq.m. Apart from large tiles, customers prefer them to be in stone tones. Marble is the most preferred, and patterns imitating wood are chosen for friezes, ornaments and sometimes even for entire bathrooms.

The installation of a plinth, together with the material, costs about 15 BGN per linear meter. Friezes are also available at a similar price of BGN 10-15 per linear meter.

The average price of a suspended tray in a bathroom of about 4 sq.m. for labor and materials is BGN 300. If you include the prices of tiles, sink, mirrors, monobloc, shower, etc. the price of the standard bathroom is about BGN 10,000.

Major construction activities

The standard cement screed up to 2.5 cm costs about BGN 26-27 per sq.m., including the cost of labor and materials. In the case of self-leveling screeds, the price rises.

The prices for putties and painting have also increased. For all cycles of the putty, the price is around BGN 20 per sq.m., and for standard painting between BGN 6-8/sq.m. Craftsmen report that there is a reduced demand for the Venetian plasters that were popular years ago and other types of more luxurious execution. It relies on more elegant options and monochromatic walls. If they want accents in the bedrooms, for example, people focus on photo wallpaper on one wall.

Suspended ceilings with gypsum plaster, especially in houses, are still preferred options – their price is around BGN 40 per sq.m. for labor and materials. If there are bevels, mansards and other types of non-straight structures, the price automatically jumps. In apartments, plasterboard remains in the background, but it is also placed on walls when they are without external insulation. Some people bet on knauf in attics and last floors.

Reversing doors and windows after replacement of window frames amounts to between BGN 12-20 per sq.m., with materials included in the price.


Minimum 30 thousand BGN budget must separate people who bought a new two-room apartment, and at the larger apartments respectively minimum 50-60 thousand BGN. This is shown by the indicative rates for the renovation works, without furniture included in them. Naturally, everything is very individual and depends on whether the customers will choose more basic finishing works or bet on a boutique execution. More expensive and luxurious activities are preferred by people with apartments in the center of Plovdiv, as well as in more expensive suburban areas. In the complexes, the focus is on the more budget options.

If an old apartment is being renovated, the set aside amount must be at least 50% more. The reason is that they usually have a complete renovation of the electrical and plumbing installations. Bathrooms and kitchens are also more expensive because of the need to chip away at old tiles. With these homes, there is often a need to remodel the apartment, building new walls or pushing old ones.

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