Mayor arrests migrants in Burgas

The mayor of the Burgas village of Troyanovo, Dimitar Nikolov, detained a group of six illegal migrants last night. Emergency services had to be called for one of them, the others were handed over to the Border Police, BNR reported.

Meetings with migrants are becoming more frequent, their number is increasing, and the local people in the village, which is in the municipality of Kameno, are worried, says the mayor.

A local resident alerted the mayor of the village, Dimitar Nikolov, that there were migrants on the road between Troyanovo and Rusokastro. Initially, he ran into three people with his car, and while they were traveling to the town hall – three more. He called 112, Nikolov explained:

“When we arrived in front of the town hall, it turned out that one of them had been bitten by a dog. We gave him first aid. They were very hungry, thirsty, we fed them. The residents of the village also helped with clothes, with medicine. And they took them food until the arrival of authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, after which we handed them over to the “Border Police”.

There are such things, because a new Rusokastro-Troyanovo road has been built, which is the connection with the main road to Sredets, and perhaps they can pass more easily from there, since it is in close proximity to the “Trakia” highway.

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