LIVE: Spartak Varna 0:1 CSKA – BG Football – efbet Liga

LIVE: Spartak Varna 0:1 CSKA – BG Football – efbet Liga
LIVE: Spartak Varna 0:1 CSKA – BG Football – efbet Liga

Spartak Varna and CSKA play at 0:1 in a match of the 9th round of the efbet League. Dauda Bamba scored a goal in the 40th minute.

The match started with a mistake by the home team in the 3rd minute. Ilker Budinov started from his own half and under the haughty eyes of the “reds” ran nearly 50 meters with the ball at his feet. Only after he entered the penalty area, he was pressed, and his pass was difficult for Bozhidar Vasev, who nevertheless made a shot, but it was inaccurate. CSKA answered with Lindseth’s header, which, however, did not hinder Ivan Dichevski.

A great chance opened up for Dauda Bamba in the 16th minute after he was left uncovered in the penalty area. The CSKA forward shot without delay, but Dichevski was well placed and shot.

The visitors were the first to score. In the 40th minute, Dauda Bamba was dropped on the edge of the ambush by the hosts’ defense, advanced powerfully and masterfully sent the ball under the crossbar for his first goal with the “red” team.

The second half began with an exchange of blows. First, Stanislav Shopov’s technical shot went past the home team’s goal, then Spartak’s midfielder Rumen Rumenov also failed. In the 56th minute, the fast-footed Ivey Romees ran down the right flank and was intercepted by the advancing goalkeeper Busato. The offense was outside the penalty area and this saved him from expulsion – he only received a yellow card from the Croatian referee Ante Chulina.

Bamba could have scored a spectacular second goal with a backscissor in the 61st minute, but goalkeeper Dichevski parried his shot.


0:1 Dauda Bamba (40)

SPARTACUS VARNA: 21. Ivan Dichevski – K, 23. Prosper Mendi, 27. Plamen Dimov, 19. Nikola Borisov, 11. Viktor Mitev, 51. Ilker Budinov, 8. Ivaylo Klimentov, 77. Rumen Rumenov, 30. Bozhidar Vasev, 33. Zdravko Dimitrov, 14. Ivey Romeesh

Coach Todor Kiselichkov

CSKA: 1. Gustavo Busato, 19. Ivan Turitsov, 2. Jurgen Matei – K, 22. Enes Mahmutovic, 5. Bradley De Noyer, 3. Jefferson, 15. Thibaut Vion, 8. Stanislav Shopov, 11. Lazar Tufegdzic, 7. Jonathan Lindseth, 30. Dauda Bamba

Coach Sasha Ilitch

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