Lavrov: A threat to the security of the peacekeepers in Transnistria would be an attack against Russia

Lavrov: A threat to the security of the peacekeepers in Transnistria would be an attack against Russia
Lavrov: A threat to the security of the peacekeepers in Transnistria would be an attack against Russia

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that any action that threatens the security of Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria is tantamount to a direct attack on Russia. He explained that the Russian side would consider similar actions, as in 2008, when the Russian peacekeeping contingent in South Ossetia was “attacked by Saakashvili”, writes Kommersant.

During a speech at MGIMO, Lavrov also said that Russia would strengthen its borders in response to the deployment of NATO bases in Finland and Sweden, that the West had “shamelessly, openly, crudely and aggressively” deployed a hybrid war against Russia, and that Russia was ready for dialogue.

“First this hysteria must pass on our western flank, they are still far from it, although reasonable voices are beginning to break through the people of the Russophobes” – according to Lavrov, such are the conditions for returning to the dialogue with the Western countries.

In July, Sergei Lavrov said dialogue with the West was pointless if he wanted “Ukraine’s victory over Russia on the battlefield.” According to Lavrov, Western countries do not understand the rules of politeness and etiquette, which was evident during the meeting of the G-20 foreign ministers, “Kommersant” recalls.

Here are other main points from the speech of the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs to the students and employees of MGIMO, according to TASS:

  • The West will not succeed in weakening Russia, as no one has succeeded in the past;
  • The West has now realized that Russia cannot be isolated;
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  • Berbock’s statement about the need for German citizens to suffer in order to support Ukraine was a fantastic admission;
  • The countries of Eurasia, Latin America and Africa do not feel good about the prospect of the West imposing its rules on them;
  • BRICS attracts more and more countries that apply for full membership; this and other new alliances are the future;
  • There is no need for Russia to imprison and collectively punish EU citizens in response to Schengen visa restrictions;
  • Russia expects objectivity from the IAEA mission at the Zaporizhia NPP, contrary to the efforts of those who want to prevent it;
  • Russia is doing everything possible to ensure the safe conduct of the IAEA mission at the Zaporizhzhya NPP;
  • Russian diplomats are denied all contact in the West;
  • Diplomats from Western countries will be under the same conditions as Russian diplomats in the West;
  • Russia and China will not develop their relations against anyone. Moscow and Beijing see the West’s attempts to extend its influence in the Asia-Pacific region and will not succumb to provocations.

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