Slavia drew with Lokomotiv (Sofia)

Slavia and Lokomotiv (Sofia) play at the “Alexander Shalamanov” stadium in one of the derbies of the 9th round of the efbet Liga.

The start of the match was delayed for several minutes due to a problem with the chat system. The fourth referee Stoyan Arsov had to help, who quickly resolved the problem.

0:1 Bozhidar Katsarov (8), 1:1 Christian Dobrev (50)

The most interesting of the match by minutes
– The match was delayed for a few minutes due to a problem with the chat system.
1 – Start of the match.
7 – Carlos Francea made the first shot, which was inaccurate and did not threaten Svetoslav Vutsov’s net.
8 – GOOOL for Lokomotiv (Sofia)! After a cross into the penalty area, Bozhidar Katsarov was left alone and headed the ball in, and Ertan Tombak deflected and sent the ball into his own net. Katsarov’s initial shot was on target and the goal was credited to him.
15 – Christian Dobrev fired a dangerous shot on the diagonal that went inches wide of the right side post.
23 – Antonio Vutov tried to surprise the guard of Slavia with an interesting performance from the center, but it was not crowned with success.
31 – Galin Ivanov shot and Alexander Lyubenov deflected his shot.
43 – Toni Tasev was brought out perfectly by Galin Ivanov face to face with Lyubenov, but he hurried and sent the ball over the goal.
45 – End of the first part!
………………………………………… …
46 – Start of the second half.
49 – Emil Vijacki shoots inaccurately over the guests’ goal.
50 – GOOOL for Slavia! Ertan Tumbak broke through and led Christian Dobrev, who with one touch beat goalkeeper Alexander Lyubenov for 1:1.

Slavia: 21. Svetoslav Vutsov, 3. Ertan Tombak, 23. Emil Viachki, 37. Ventsislav Kerchev, 4. Ludovik Soares, 77. Georgi Valchev, 71. Christian Stoyanov, 33. Galin Ivanov – K, 11. Christian Dobrev 88. Tony Tasev, 9. Ahmed Akhmedov
Reservations: 12. Nikolay Krastev, 8. Emil Stoev, 73. Ivan Minchev, 93. Camelo Nguyen, 55. Konstantin Cheshmedzhiev, 83. Hristo Popadien, 17. Erol Dost
Coach: Zlatomir Zagorcic

Lokomotiv Sofia): 24. Alexander Lyubenov, 44. Bozhidar Katsarov 21. Kamen Hadjiev, 26. Krasimir Miloshev – K, 33. Alan Dias, 13. Celso Raposo, 11. Carlos France (4670. Dimo ​​Bakalov), 8. Simeon Slavchev, 39. Antonio Vutov, 45. Dimitar Mitkov, 4. Miki Orachev
Reservations: 1. Damyan Damyanov, 10. Valentin Nikolov, 70. Dimo ​​Bakalov, 22. Ivaylo Naydenov, 9. Iliya Dimitrov, 89. Mateus Duarte, 15. Luka Ivanov
Coach: Stanislav Genchev

SofiaAlexander Shalamanov Stadium
Judge: Stanislav Todorov

Legend: – goal, – own goal, – yellow card, – second yellow card, – Red card, – shift, – dangerous situation, – an injury

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