Defense minister on floods: The state will provide temporary housing to those who lost their homes

This was explained by the acting military minister, Dimitar Stoyanov. He also pointed out that if there is someone to blame for what happened, he should be punished for it. Stoyanov also commented on the Bulgarian army, stating that it is high time to think about it as well, because it has been underestimated for 30 years, but it is always relied on

The state will provide temporary housing to those who lost their homes after the floods. Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov commented on this on Nova TV. He hopes that there will be a more serious reaction later.

“There are investigative bodies that have to do their job – to find out where the cause is and who led to this state of affairs. If there is a guilty party, let him bear the punishment”, he added.

According to him, there was no delayed reaction and in the places where they received signals, they reacted instantly. “Back on September 2, the flood control module of the 61st Stryam Brigade was activated. And he immediately went to Bogdan and Karavelovo. We have not received another signal, we have not reacted”, he clarified.

He emphasized that on the very first day, over 100 people and 18 machines were sent between Bogdan and Karavelovo. “We showed that there is a country and we reacted adequately. All received signals have been processed,” Stoyanov said. And he added that there are no places that are inaccessible.

According to him, the clearance to open the most important arteries will take weeks. Stoyanov said that all the possible equipment, which is located near the villages of Karlovy Vary, has been brought out. “On request – we react instantly. The labor force also has it. But the equipment cannot enter the middle of the village while there are no approaches”, emphasized the minister.

“The army was underestimated for 30 years, but they always relied on the army. It is time to think about the Bulgarian army as well”, he appealed.


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