US producer prices are falling again

US producer prices are falling again
US producer prices are falling again

Rishaad Salamat, Bloomberg

17:13 | September 15, 2022

Silvia Grozeva

US producer prices fell again for the second month in a row – down 0.1% from the previous month. Fuel prices continue to decrease, but the so-called core inflation came in stronger than expected – a sign of continued pressure on output.

Russia says sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine are costing it hundreds of billions of dollars. Stock markets, bank capital and foreign reserves, which were frozen by restrictions earlier in the week, were hit hardest, according to an internal Treasury document. President Vladimir Putin presented his optimistic vision, saying the economy is on the path to growth.

A US Senate committee has approved a bill to promote ties with Taiwan and send it military aid. The decision could change decades of White House policy. Beijing condemned the draft law and insisted it violated its One China policy. The Biden administration has said it stands by its policy and the bill is beyond the president’s authority. The bill is about to be submitted to the Senate.

Heads of top companies decided to fly to the financial meeting in Hong Kong, although the quarantine rules threaten the exit from it. Directors of HSBC, Standard Chartered go to the two-day forum on November 10. The event is part of a series to show that the financial hub is open for business after almost 3 years of strict covid measures.

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