Hunter Biden took millions from the Chinese with the help of the FBI mole “One Eye”

Hunter Biden took millions from the Chinese with the help of the FBI mole “One Eye”
Hunter Biden took millions from the Chinese with the help of the FBI mole “One Eye”

The US House Oversight Committee is currently investigating the explosive claims of Israeli Dr. Gal Luft

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Hunter Biden had an FBI mole named “One Eye” who tipped off his Chinese business partners that they were under investigation. This is according to Israeli energy expert Dr. Gal Luft, a former lieutenant colonel in the Israel Defense Forces, writes the New York Post.

Currently, the Oversight Committee of the US House of Representatives is investigating the explosive claims of Dr. Gal Luft, who has deep connections in the special services of Washington and Beijing, the American publication informed.

Luft, 56, claims he was arrested to prevent him from revealing what he knew about the Bidens and FBI corruption — details he brought to the Justice Department back in 2019 but were ignored.

He shared the information on Twitter on February 18 after he was detained at an airport in Cyprus as he prepared to board a plane to Israel.

“I was arrested in Cyprus on a politically motivated extradition request from the US, claiming to be an arms dealer. It would be funny if it wasn’t tragic. I was never an arms dealer. The US Department of Justice is trying to bury me , to protect the Biden family,” he pointed out.

Luft remains in prison awaiting extradition to the United States on what he says are trumped-up charges of arms trafficking to China and Libya and violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Pictured: Dr. Gal Luft

Through his U.S. attorney, Robert Henoch, Luft said he tried four years ago to inform the Justice Department that China’s state-owned energy company CEFC paid $100,000 a month to Hunter Biden and $65,000 to his brother Jim, in exchange for their ties to the FBI and the use of the Biden name to promote China’s Belt and Road initiative around the world.

Luft learned of the scheme through his own dealings with Hunter’s Chinese business partners, Patrick Ho and Ye Jianming.

It was CEFC chairman Ye Jianming who confided in Luft that Hunter had an FBI informant who was “extremely well placed, who was paid a lot of money to provide classified information,” Luft’s lawyer says.

CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming

The FBI mole, who was codenamed One-Eye, told Yeh that U.S. authorities were investigating him and Ho in late 2017.

Soon after this tip-off, Ye offers Hunter $1 million to be his “personal advisor” and flies to China, leaving his family behind in his $50 million penthouse. He was detained in Shanghai three months later, after which all traces of him were lost.

On November 18, 2017, Ho was arrested by FBI agents at JFK Airport on bribery and money laundering charges. He was convicted in December 2018 without calling a single witness, served three years in prison and was deported.

Hunter was paid $1 million by CEFC to represent Ho, which required him to contact his FBI sources on Ho’s behalf and hire another attorney to do the legal work, according to emails on his laptop.

CEFC paid another $4.9 million to Hunter and Jim Biden in monthly installments over 14 months beginning in August 2017, government filings show.

Hunter Biden is in the crosshairs of the US justice authorities

The House Oversight Committee released bank statements last week showing an additional $1,065,000 was funneled from a Chinese company linked to CEFC to Hunter, Jim and Hallie Biden, Hunter’s ex-lover and widow of his late brother Bo .

Luft claims he contacted the Justice Department after Ho was arrested and federal investigators flew to Brussels to interview him for more than 18 hours on March 28 and 29, 2019. But he never heard from them again. .

Just four weeks later, Joe Biden announced he was running for president.

“The Justice Department had this information as far back as March 2019 and did nothing,” says Luft’s attorney.

“Congress has Biden’s bank records, but doesn’t know the reason for the payments. Now they’re making it clear. The information that whistleblower Dr. Luft gave four years ago is the missing link about the reason behind the money transfers between China and Biden. It’s clear that it’s explosive.”

Clouds are gathering around the Biden family

Luft, he said, is well-connected in intelligence circles in D.C., where he runs a think tank, the Institute for Global Security Analysis, where former CIA director James Woolsey and former national security adviser Robert McFarlane are advisers.

In Israel, his lawyer Mordechai Zivin told the Jerusalem Post that “Luft’s arrest is a good way to shut his mouth because he has too much information. However, the US Congress has begun to investigate the case and his testimony will bury Hunter Biden.

Moreover, his testimony will direct attention to the president himself. Civin also sensationally suggested that powerful people might want Luft to “go away”.

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