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The intense rains of the last two days are gradually stopping and today before noon, sunny weather will prevail over most of the country. Cloudiness will be more significant over the northeastern regions, where it will still rain. After noon, cumulus clouds will develop again, but only in isolated places there will be short-term precipitation. It will be moderate, after noon in the northeastern half of the country to a strong northwesterly wind. Temperatures will drop and the maximum will be between 22° and 27°, in Sofia – around 23°.

Over the Black Sea, cloudiness will be changeable, before noon on the northern coast more often significant and there will still be short-term precipitation, in isolated places and thunder. After lunch the cloud will break, in places along the south coast to mostly sunny weather. Maximum temperatures will be 24°-27°. The temperature of the sea water is about 26°. The excitement of the sea will be 1-2 points.

Over the mountains, the cloudiness will be changeable, after noon – cumulus and in some places there will be short-term precipitation. A moderate, temporarily strong northwesterly wind will blow. The maximum temperature at 1200 meters will be around 18°, at 2000 meters – 12°.

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