Plovdiv celebrates the Unification of Bulgaria (PHOTOS)

The day of the Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia is one of the most beloved national holidays. It is also a holiday of the city of Plovdiv, where it was proclaimed.

In the city, under the hills, a prayer service was held by Plovdiv Metropolitan Nikolay. In his speech, he urged us to put aside hatred, selfishness and anger.

“An even more dangerous trend is emerging in politically motivated hatred. Recently, we have begun to hear calls for the elimination and almost physical liquidation of specific individuals named by name. I feel like we’re going back to the days of the Spanish Inquisition, when self-absorbed people who had usurped worldly power burned those who didn’t think like them at the stake, after formulaic, farcical trials conducted supposedly from the standpoint of some values. It was not about any values, but only about the exercise of rude, inhumane power,” said the Metropolitan of Plovdiv.09baa2d4b3.jpg

After the prayer, the crowd went to the monument of Gavrail Krastevich, who was the last governor of Eastern Rumelia and a prominent revivalist. Although he knew about the Union, he did not interfere with the people’s cause in 1885.fe840f0b7d.jpg

Officials and citizens also placed wreaths and flowers on the monument of Zahari Stoyanov, after which they also honored the memory of the only victim of the Union, Captain Raicho Nikolov.8078a8bf3b.jpg

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