Teacher from Plovdiv: Patience and love are very important for us and for the children

Teacher from Plovdiv: Patience and love are very important for us and for the children
Teacher from Plovdiv: Patience and love are very important for us and for the children

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Every year I look forward to September 15th because of the sight of the children. That’s what he said about the morning block “Good morning Bulgaria” on Radio “Focus” Veselina Valkanova, mathematics teacher at “St. Sophronius Vrachanski” Secondary School – Plovdiv.

“Today we have a lot of excitement – the opening of the school year, present for everyone, which has been a great gift for us in recent years, a lot of excitement for first-years, the first school bell. So, good things await us today. For me personally, this celebration continues to be a holiday for years. I have been a student, a teacher, and somehow the thrill is not lost. Every time I looked forward, with desire precisely because of the look of the children, the smile, the rays that come from them, their curiosity, the expectations they have to us. They come with the idea of ​​challenges, adventure, fun, of course science adventures should be there for them as well,” she said.

Patience and love are very important for a teacher, Valkanova said categorically.

“Even if you criticize, even if you guide something, give advice, when you do it with love, the children feel it. The children feel and take in what is said to them. Nobody likes to be verbally only criticized. I think it is important for the teacher to be really patient, but to do everything with love, love and desire, for the children,” she added.

The mathematics teacher emphasized that the key to making children fall in love with this subject is to translate it into an accessible language.

“Mathematics is a rather serious subject, that’s how it is perceived and a little, as if on the side, there are suggestions from parents, from older people, “Oh, how scary it is”. Personally, for me, the solution is to translate them into an accessible language, to insert some historical data and facts about the concepts, about the persons, if necessary the mathematician himself, who said this statement or theorem. Somehow to perceive that these things from things, that these people also made them. These things that are written in these textbooks are not so abstract and invented. Moreover, recently we have a lot of opportunities with new technologies, digital, dynamic softwares, some of the math lessons can be presented very dynamically, interestingly and thus captivate the children because they love it. Well, there is a point when you have to raise mathematics to a slightly higher abstract level, but that is in the upper grades. And now that a child’s curiosity has been awakened, he will have the desire to go to a higher level,” said Valkanova.

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