CEC announces competitions for programmers

CEC announces competitions for programmers
CEC announces competitions for programmers

A system architect, a software developer, a programmer analyst and IT specialists are about to be hired at the CEC. This is written in a decision of the Central Commission, which will close its “Information and Communication Assurance”, in which out of 7 full-time positions, only one is occupied despite the competitions held.

A new unit will be created in place of the closed unit – “Voting Technologies”. In addition to the organization of the machine vote, this structure will also deal with the introduction of electronic remote voting, explained the chairperson of the CEC, Kamelia Neikova.

“In 2021, due to a lack of positions with specific professional competence in the preparation and conduct of machine voting, the Commission systematically needed to enter into civil contracts with external experts with expertise in this field. Including the elections, which will be held on October 2, the Central Election Commission uses the services of experts who are software specialists”, said Neykova to BNR.

The new “Voting Technologies” unit will also be responsible for the CEC’s information security.

The Central Electoral Commission determined that in 301 places abroad voting will be done by machines, in 238 places voting will be done with two machines, and in 63 places voting will be done with one machine, a total of 539 machines will be available abroad,” said Kalin Anastasov, deputy – chairman of the “Elections” working group in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He explained that the machines for Great Britain and the USA have been sent, and at most -120 machines have been sent to Turkey.

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