Bulgaria handed a sharp protest note to the Macedonian ambassador

Bulgaria handed a sharp protest note to the Macedonian ambassador
Bulgaria handed a sharp protest note to the Macedonian ambassador

Bulgaria handed a sharp protest note to the Macedonian ambassador. The absence of adequate measures by the Macedonian authorities creates conditions for the repetition of hate crimes against Macedonian Bulgarians. RS Macedonia will continue its path to the European Union only on the condition that it respects the rights of the Macedonian Bulgarians.

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kostadin Kojabashev, BGNES reported.

Today, the RSM ambassador to our country was summoned and a protest note was handed to him. At the meeting, it was emphasized that Bulgaria expects the competent authorities in the neighboring country to immediately take all necessary actions to reveal and bring to justice the perpetrators of the crime, said Deputy Minister Kodjabashev.

He pointed out that Agneza Popovksa assured that the competent institutions are investigating the case with the aim of uncovering the perpetrators. “Minister Milkov spoke last night in Barcelona with Osmani and sharply raised the issue of the ongoing escalation. Osmani has made a commitment that the Macedonian side will find out what happened as quickly as possible”, Kojabashev also said.

This criminal act is the third assault against the Tsar Boris III Club in less than two months. The previous attack was carried out just two days ago, for which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a note verbale to the North Macedonian embassy in Sofia. We note the reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia, but we categorically do not accept such serious criminal acts to be defined as an act of vandalism, stressed Kojabashev.

Vanya Malakova from the “Southeastern Europe” directorate pointed out that the information that came from our consulate general was that shots were fired multiple times. “We have a gradation at the moment with a serious crime, it cannot help but affect the course of bilateral relations. We have every desire to continue the positive dialogue”, she also said

“The MFA has the same position as the president. We will continue with the RSM’s path to the EU, provided that the rights of the Macedonian Bulgarians are respected,” said Kojabashev.

Already last night, the Bulgarian diplomats informed the management of the European Commission /EC/ in detail about the serious incident in Ohrid.

The European Commissioner Oliver Varhei also commented. “Any attack against any community in North Macedonia must be followed up by the police and the government. I am aware of yesterday’s attack (ed. – the first attack this week on the club of Macedonian Bulgarians in Ohrid, which happened on Monday). I hope that the government will do the same as in the previous case (note ed. – the attack on the club in Bitola at the beginning of August). Above all, to start an investigation, but also to find the perpetrator,” he told Milena Milotinova.

The European Commissioner stated that he is ready to meet with representatives of the organizations of the Macedonian Bulgarians if they request a meeting with him. “My door is always open to any interested party from any candidate country,” Varhei added.

Around 20:00 local time last night, a magazine was emptied during the shooting against the Bulgarian club. Immediately after the attack, the Bulgarian consul in Bitola, Dimitar Ivanov, arrived on the scene. In the club premises alone, 8 cartridges were found inside. The correspondent of BGNES clarifies that there is a recording on which the car from which the shots were fired is clearly visible and it will not be a problem for the law enforcement authorities, if there is a real investigation, to find the attackers.

The RSM Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed alarm at the incident and called on “the competent institutions to take the necessary measures to uncover the perpetrators and to take the necessary measures to guarantee the work of this and all other civil clubs in the country.” According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RSM, “all citizens of the country had the freedom to express their beliefs and defend their rights, which are guaranteed by the Constitution of a worthy candidate country for EU membership.”

In the announcement of the Macedonian MFA, it is not stated anywhere that it is an armed attack against a Bulgarian club.

This is another attack on the Bulgarian cultural club “Tsar Boris III” in Ohrid. On October 12 of this year, the inscription above the entrance door to the building was broken. And just a few days after the official opening of the “Vancho Mihailov” club in Bitola, the front door was set on fire, and the offender Lambe Alabakovsky was released.

Club “Tsar Boris III” was opened on October 7 amid organized chants of insulting words against Bulgaria, and stones and eggs were thrown against the building. Among the protesters there were also those who waved the Yugoslav flag. Macedonian politicians, both from the ruling coalition and the opposition, did not condemn the protest, but described the opening of the club as a “provocation against Macedonian identity”.

According to the quick procedure, with complete unanimity, a law was adopted, which in practice will mean the closure of the Bulgarian clubs in the RSM.

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