Krasimir Kamenov-Kuro and his wife were shot in South Africa


Krasimir Kamenov-Kuro and his wife were shot in their house in the very wealthy suburb of Constantia in Cape Town, BNT and BTV report. Sources of “Sega” confirmed the information. According to them, in addition to Kamenov and his wife, two of the staff serving them were also killed. Their children were at school at the time of the attack.

Four people believed to be of Bulgarian descent, have been shot and killed in Constantia, in Cape Town. For more, we cross to our reporter Mariska Botha. F…

Four people believed to be of Bulgarian descent, have been shot and killed in Constantia, in Cape Town. For more, we cross to our reporter Mariska Botha. F…

According to news sites, two men and two women were shot dead in Cape Town.

Police are at the scene of a shooting incident in Constantia, where four foreign nationals were shot and killed, local media reported. They refer to an official police statement saying they were called to the scene of the murders on Thursday morning just after 8am. Two women and two men aged between 40 and 50 were found with gunshot wounds.

Police spokesman Andre Traut said the victims were believed to be from Bulgaria. “The motive for the multiple murders is still undetermined and detectives are working hard to find clues. “Major crime detectives have launched an investigation,” he announced.

Constantia is an affluent suburb of Cape Town, located about 15 kilometers south of the city centre. It is considered one of the most prestigious suburbs in South Africa.

The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Republic of Yugoslavia informed about the murder of four people in Cape Town, who are supposed to be Bulgarian citizens, the press center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced later. Until now, official information from the relevant authorities in the country of accreditation has not been received in the Bulgarian representation abroad, which has established and maintains operational contact with the competent authorities and services.

The embassy is seeking information in an official manner from the authorities in the country and will forward it to the competent authorities in Bulgaria as soon as it is received. Any information received from our embassy is transmitted in operational order to the Ministry of Internal Affairs according to competence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs adds.

Kamenov was accused in absentia by the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office as a guarantor of the murder of Lyubomir Ivanov, a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who was ostentatiously shot in Sofia at the beginning of 2022.

Krasimir Kamenov – Kuro is accused of being the instigator of the murder of the former policeman Lyubomir Ivanov. This was reported by the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office, referring to him only by his initials – KK. However, according to “Sega” sources, it is exactly Kuro.

In April of this year, he was put on a red notice by Interpol.

Curro’s indictment in absentia came 10 days after Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev’s spectacular press conference in which Kamenov was named among conspirators against the Prosecutor General. The prosecutor’s office released recordings found on flash drives in the defendant’s home and announced that one of the interlocutors was Curro.

Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev gave a chaotic but spectacular press conference at which recordings of conversations found on flash drives in a defendant’s home were played and notes were read.

Geshev explained that he was showing the media “how the mafia, the symbiosis between criminal authorities, convicted persons and those wanted by Interpol, as well as to call them generally – persons and organizations known to the public, together fight against the institutions and against the state in conflict with the interest of the people”. For this conspiracy, however, Curro is not charged.

A specialized police action was held for hours in the capital’s “Slatina” district. It involved teams of the Gendarmerie and DG National Police, which attacked many sites simultaneously.

Last November, the police conducted a special operation in the capital’s “Slatina” district, and the market in the district was completely blocked. At the time, it was claimed that garages, parking lots, private homes and offices of Curro, who is a former VIS-2 boss, were being searched.

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