I am officially the most beautiful grandmother of 2023

I am officially the most beautiful grandmother of 2023
I am officially the most beautiful grandmother of 2023

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A broker from Varna, 52 years old, is the holder of the title “Mrs. Grandma 2023”. Siyana Yordanova is the mother of three children and is the grandmother of two grandchildren – girls aged 6 months and 3 years. “When I came home to Varna, I put on the crown on the TV in a central place in the living room. I joke with my brother that I am officially the most beautiful grandmother of 2023. It feels great. The whole event, the excitement, everything is unique,” Yordanova told “Telegraph”.


Siyana Yordanova worked as a broker for many years. Her hobby is painting and creating sculptures. That’s why he gave up the brokerage, because he wants to devote himself to art and sell his works. “My idea and mission of the contest was that I don’t know if I will win, but I wanted to join the cause of the KGB (Club of Cool Grandmas). I already have some ideas about the cause, how to help these people. I am a grandmother thanks to my granddaughters and thanks to them I won”.

A precedent

The fourteenth edition of the “Mrs. Grandma” competition was held for the 14th time, traditionally on January 21 – Babinden. Siyana’s first runner-up was Dimitrinka Dimitrova, 49 years old. Second runner-up was Rada Velinova – a dentist, 78 years old, who is a proud grandmother of 4 grandchildren.Due to the illness of the three contenders, the “Mr. Grandfather” contest set a precedent. Singer and graduate theologian Vasko Vassilev – Basilio received the ribbon for the second time.

Laura Lee from Singapore was crowned Grandma Universe 2023. The 48-year-old lady has three children and six grandchildren.

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