The third edition of “The Rivers of Sofia” begins at the Lion Bridge with a message about the cleanliness of the rivers

In a discussion with the municipality and Sofiyska voda, solutions will be sought for the problem of the connection of the sewerage with the Perlovska and Vladaiska rivers

This weekend saw the start of the third and largest ever edition of the Rivers of Sofia festival, known to the people of Sofia, organized by the Collective. The festival will once again turn the bed of the Vladaiska River near the Lion Bridge into a place for music, dances, exhibitions, shows, children’s and sports activities. The aim of the event is to socialize rivers as active urban spaces and to direct public attention to the long-standing problem of their pollution with sewage water. For this purpose, on Friday morning there will be a discussion with the municipality to solve the problems with water purity, and the festival starts on Saturday, 03.09.

Two stages, exhibitions, relaxation area and a rich program

For the third consecutive year, the festival includes an increasingly rich program of events that show in practice how we can use Sofia’s rivers as parks and active public spaces. On Saturdays, early risers can join a run with Vibes Health & Fitness to Lion’s Bridge and an outdoor workout on the river. In the afternoon, all young and old water lovers are invited to a theatrical performance prepared by Sofia Water and the beloved Kaptcho and Kapchitsa. They will tell about the difficult cycle of water, its path through the city and the “epic” battle of the drops with the Bad Bacteria.

The third edition of

A kinetic light installation under the Lion Bridge, supported by Grohe, draws attention to water wastage and the protection of water resources. The events also include a screening of “On the Stream” short films, a science lab for children, and a neighborhood walk to the Women’s Market, where visitors can learn about Middle Eastern cuisine and spices.

In the workshop area, there will be an acro yoga lesson, a photogram workshop with Sito Studio and a group drumming session where even people with no musical background can get involved in making a beat together. The musical program is on two stages and includes bossa nova, Argentine tango, a concert by pop singers YAIA & Leena and DJ sets. Kottarashky will perform a contemporary reading of Bulgarian folk music, and Döner Muzik have selected pieces from the Middle East suitable for dancing.

The third edition of

For the second year in a row, Kaufland Bulgaria stands behind the cause of the festival to ennoble urban spaces and support the sustainable development of the city. At various points around the festival area, soft red armchairs will be scattered, the purpose of which is to remind that actions bring change and it is up to each of us to make the environment around urban rivers more cozy and welcoming – following the example of a number of world cities.

The third edition of

A video installation, part of the information campaign, can be seen under the Lion Bridge itself throughout the festival

Change the picture, which aims to change the attitude towards the indiscriminate disposal of butts in the city and nature. In partnership with NATFIZ, 7 teams of students present their view of the problem in a creative and provocative way, appealing for a conscientious attitude to the environment in which we live.

The nature conservation organization WWF gets involved with a photo exhibition with large-format photos dedicated to the disappearing sturgeon in the Danube River. This species is an important part of Bulgaria’s natural wealth, as sturgeons have lived here for 200 million years, and are now exposed to a number of threats. Their story illustrates what is happening today to biodiversity in our rivers.

The full program of the festival can be seen on the event page.

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