I learned a lot and grew as a person

I learned a lot and grew as a person
I learned a lot and grew as a person

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The former football player of Chelsea – Timo Werner, gave an interview in which he talked about his time in the London Grand. According to many, he failed to impress in any way with the Blues team, but here is the comment he made himself.

“I am grateful for the years I spent at Chelsea. I learned a lot there, I grew as a person, I also learned English. I also gained a lot of experience, which will only help me in the future. I really spent two unforgettable years, in which I won several trophies, and of course one of them was the Champions League”Werner said.

Chelsea paid RB Leipzig £50 million for Werner in the summer of 2020. Two years later, he returned to the German Grand Prix after failing to impress defending the colors of the London Grand Prix.

Werner’s return to the Bundesliga was also quite impressive, as he managed to score in his first game back in Germany. RB Leipzig fans can’t wait to see how one of their favorites will perform until the end of the season.

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