Hoteliers in the south expect more tourists in September at lower prices

Hotel bases along the Southern Black Sea coast expect good occupancy in September as well. Reservations are prepaid, and the industry is hoping for good weather. The holiday is about 20% cheaper than peak season prices.

90% Bulgarians, the rest Romanians, Poles and Hungarians have visited this summer in the hotel in Obzor, whose manager is Elena Grueva. They have reservations until at least mid-September.

“We expect the season to continue, naturally not at 100% occupancy of the bases, but we hope for good weather, calm seas and at least until September 10-15 there will be good occupancy of the bases. The reservations are prepaid, but everything depends on how stable the weather will be,” she told BNR.

The prices in September there will be about 20% lower compared to those in the peak season. More vacationers are also waiting in Primorsko, says the mayor Dimitar Germanov.

“This year, hotels that offer the all-inclusive service have a higher occupancy rate, which shows that people are reorienting themselves in such an unstable financial environment where everything is provided for them,” he pointed out.

According to Elena Grueva, with promotions and shares, the prices of overnight stays this summer were no more than 10-12% higher than last year, while hoteliers’ expenses were three times more.

The average length of vacation this year was 6 days.

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