The Beautiful Witch is one of the nightmares of the Russians in Bakhmut V…


The beautiful Olga Bigar is a defender of Bakhmut, the symbol of the Ukrainian resistance. Her call sign is The Witch.

Before the war, Olga was a lawyer and studied for a doctorate in law. Now he is one of the Ukrainian military on the front line. A soldier, and not somewhere in the back, in a safe place, but in the front ranks. She commands a platoon, part of the 204th battalion of the 241st brigade of the Ukrainian Territorial Defense. This is not a regular military unit, but a volunteer unit – but in the conditions of war, the difference is imperceptible.

Just how dangerous is Olga? Surely many Russians could tell about her if they were alive. But it is not because of her intelligence and application of tactical skills, which become a fact because of the conditions in which she has to cope, and not because someone somewhere wrote something in a thick book, write the world media, quoted by

One of Olga’s new ideas is how to use M19 grenade launchers more effectively. They are literally a machine gun, but instead of bullets, it fires grenades. The witch invents a new simple and effective tactic to hit the rear positions of the attacking Bakhmut Russians with them.

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