Did Grigor Dimitrov replace Lolita Osmanova with Madalina Genya?

Did Grigor Dimitrov replace Lolita Osmanova with Madalina Genya?
Did Grigor Dimitrov replace Lolita Osmanova with Madalina Genya?

It cannot be denied that the love life of our native tennis player Grigor Dimitrov excites the fans even more than his successes on the court. And he is quite colorful and interesting, as he has had relationships with not one or two famous beauties so far.

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This is what happens to the native tennis player

From late 2012 until their split in July 2015, he dated Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova. Then in 2016, he started dating singer Nicole Scherzinger. There were also claims of a brief romance with Serena Williams in early 2012.

And although Lolita Osmanova was considered his official girlfriend last time, Grigor Dimitrov actually hasn’t appeared in her company for a long time. This, along with revelations about Lolita’s relationships on social media, has long led people to think that they are no longer together. And although none of the two have yet confirmed or denied this information, in recent days it has been persistently rumored that the native tennis player has a new girlfriend.

Grigor Dimitrov has given his love life another reason to discuss after a very attractive lady was spotted in his box at one of his last matches with Carlos Alcaraz at the Madrid Masters. We are talking about the Romanian actress and model Madalina Genia, best known for her role as Sophia Loren in the movie House of Gucci. According to Essentially Sports, in addition to the box, the two were later spotted together again at dinner.

The 34-year-old Madalina is a well-known and talked-about name in the sports world due to the fact that she has had relationships with several footballers, including Italian internationals Niccolò Zaniolo and Marco Borriello. Some time ago, he even managed to charm Leonardo DiCaprio. Madalina Genia has been living in Italy since she was 15 years old. She has one child – a girl from her relationship with the composer Matej Stratan.

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