Ruse deserves high level volleyball

Ruse deserves high level volleyball
Ruse deserves high level volleyball

I hope that the young people will quickly realize what an opportunity is in front of them, and that they will grab it with both hands, says the Danube captain

The captain of Danube (Ruse) volleyball Angel Pavlov remains in the team for the 13th season, as he will lead the young Ruse team in the second group of the men’s championship – the Premier League. The team will venture there after dropping out of the elite Efbet Super Volley. The ace gave a special interview in front of the local newspaper “Morning”, in which he talks about Dunav’s ambitions in the new season and the situation surrounding the club in recent months. More – read in the following lines:

Dunav keeps its captain for the new season as well

– Why did you choose to stay in Danube, after according to our information there was interest in you from other teams?

– Hello, yes, it is true that there was interest in me, both from the country and from two foreign teams, but Danube and Ruse have been close to my heart since a very early age, we sat down with the management and we understood, so as it happened says “the captain stays on the ship to the last.”

– What are Dunav’s ambitions in the Premier League, will promotion be pursued?

– The ambitions before Danube cannot be different from winning every single match, of course, this is very difficult to achieve, but we will fight with all our strength, whatever is written. If we are given the opportunity to attack for promotion to the Super League, it would be very good.

– Many juniors will be given a chance, do you think they are ready for men’s volleyball?

– The team will be made up of 95% Russians, yes, a large part of them will be juniors of the club. This is an amazing opportunity for the young guys – a lot of them will be touching men’s volleyball for the first time, I hope they will quickly realize what an opportunity is in front of them and that they will grab it with both hands. As for whether they are ready – only time will tell, they definitely have the qualities, they will also gain invaluable match experience that will help them in the future. The more experienced ones will be with them all the time and help them with everything we can, I can only wish them to be healthy, work hard and count on me, both in the gym and outside.

– Why do you think that Dunav has come to play in the Premier League without actually being relegated from the elite?

– This is a very complicated matter that you should direct to the club’s management. Fate has decided so, we look ahead and try to extract the maximum positives from this situation, such as the fact that the young Danubians will be given a chance to develop – something that would be much more difficult in the Super League. I can only add that a big city like ours – Ruse and people of Ruse deserve top teams at the top levels in the country!

– What do you wish for the new season?

– I wish everyone health, that’s the most important thing. I expect our fans to stick close to us in this difficult time and support us as they always have. I would very much like to see the Danube Hall full again, it would be an unforgettable experience for our very young team. Only the Danube!

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