Galab Donev: Bulgaria is not turning towards Russia

Galab Donev: Bulgaria is not turning towards Russia
Galab Donev: Bulgaria is not turning towards Russia

Next week we will have Act 15 of the interconnector with Greece

This was stated by the acting Prime Minister in the program “On Focus with Lora Krumova” on NOVA Dove Donev.

We have not received a response to the invitation for a conversation with Gazpromexport, nor have we received a refusal to do so. We are looking through “Bulgargaz” for a way to dialogue. The Minister of Energy is also trying to talk to them, but we don’t have a conversation at the moment. In the meantime, we are working to diversify the sources at affordable prices so that people can rest easy this winter“, commented the Prime Minister.

According to him, efforts are being made confidently to bring the energy chaos under control. “The winter will be difficult, but we are making absolutely every effort to ensure that citizens and businesses are guaranteed the supply of gas, fuel and other necessary goods. We are working towards having concrete measures to fight inflation, something that was not being done. Money was handed out in cash. In Bulgaria, inflation is over 17%, it is unbearable for the citizens. It is double the European averagehe stated.

According to him, the energy crisis headquarters met almost every day in the first 10 days. “As soon as it was formed on August 3, the headquarters began work. The options to reach arbitration with “Gazprom” is if there is no conversation. We have sent a request to “Gazpromexport” to restore the supplies under the contract. Bulgaria is not a petitioner, we are equal trading partners who are looking for a way to restore the dialogueDonev is emphatic.

The only thing keeping prices down is the Russian crude oil waiver. In the short term, we are threatened by the Russian oil embargo, because we will have nowhere to import this raw material. The refinery in Burgas needs deliveries almost every third day“, he specified.

He also commented on his meeting with the heads of Lukoil in the presidency, which the prime minister did not attend. “At the time the president was holding the meeting, I was in a meeting with the ambassadors of the EU member states. a very fruitful meeting where I presented the cabinet’s priorities. We had a really frank dialogue. We talked about the diversification of gas supplies. They supported us for the fact that we are looking for opportunities to guarantee the energy security not only of Bulgaria, but also of the region,” he pointed out.

According to Donev, Mitrofanova’s appearance at the celebrations on September 6 was after an invitation, but there is no information from whom. He assumed that he was from the Plovdiv administration.

The president carries great responsibility and risk because of the caretaker government. Dismissals are not made because of revenge, but because of omissions“, he explained. Regarding the floods, Donev believes that the gaps have been there for years.

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