Only one candidate for district prosecutor of Burgas

Only one candidate for district prosecutor of Burgas
Only one candidate for district prosecutor of Burgas

Acting Maria Markova is the only contender to lead RP-Burgas

14 September 2022Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.

Author: Lachezar LISITSOV, photo: press center

The deadline for submitting documents to the SJC expired on September 12

Maria Markova is the only candidate for district prosecutor of Burgas. The deadline expired on September 12in which those wishing to hold the post could submit documents to the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC).

An inquiry by Flagman showed that Markova announced her candidacy on September 9. The press center of the SJC confirmed that no one else submitted documents after her and she remains the only contender to be the administrative head of the District Prosecutor’s Office-Burgas.

As Flagman reported, Maria Markova she is currently acting in a temporary capacity. She took over the functions at the end of July, after the previous district prosecutor Ivan Kirkov moved to the Burgas District Prosecutor’s Office. Until then, Markova was a deputy district prosecutor.

On August 12, the procedure for electing a new leader began. In the coming months, the Procurator’s College is expected to complete it by holding the hearing of Maria Markova and electing her to the post as incumbent.

She is graduated in “Law” at the Burgas Free University in 1995. She worked as an investigator in the District Investigation Office-Burgas. In 2006, he became a prosecutor in RP-Burgas. And since 2019, he has been a deputy district prosecutor.

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